Power House Shake

Hi beauties! Had a great day today, got lots of important things done and now I'm in the midst of editing my next video and figuring out what to have for dinner. This morning I skipped my usual cereal and instead had a bowl of fresh blueberries and an apple. Feels good to make healthy choices in the beginning of the day, feel like it sets you off on a good track! I also filmed a video that required absolutely no makeup on my face which allowed my skin to breath - excited to share the video with you soon!

Later in the day Anastasia and I met up and had a delicious smoothie, the Power House Shake to be precise lol at this really cute little Italian cafe. It was made of banana, strawberry, yoghurt and papaya juice - yum. Going to make some dinner then hopefully have the video up later tonight or tomorrow morning. And thanks for your feedback on the workout video, I am planning it out and definitely going to film it! :) XOXO


  1. Really excited for your new video annie :) the shakes sound delish!!

  2. That shake looks really good! Annie please, please make a few videos or blogs about your healthy dinner recipes. It would make me and others so happy!

  3. i also had a strawberry smoothie for breakfast yayyyy :D Annie cd u do that make up essentials video which u said u wd do in ur blog... U r still going to do it ryt??

  4. lecker, habe gestern auch shakes mit meiner mama gemacht ;)

  5. yes!!! healthy recepies plz!!!! and also room tour! what's in my bag video! and how to study for scholll!!!plz annie!

  6. Hi there! I live in Spain and I´ve discovered your tutorials a couple weeks ago. I totally love them. Thank you so mucha for sharing all your tricks with us. I specially would like to see more tutorials about meals...I love the one you have on!!! Anyway, I hope to follow you more from now on and I am sorry for my spelling mistakes (english is not my first language). I also would like more tutorial about outfits for work, for the weekend...Thank you so much again!!!

  7. I'd like to see more recipes' videos too - I LOVE cooking and I am constantly looking for new healthy recipes :)

  8. Hey Annie do you think you can do Jennifer Lawrence makeup that she used in the Hunger Game Premier pleeease !!

  9. please do an adriana lima inspired look like the victoria secret ones, heres an idea http://adrianalimafan.net/candids/2006/11-16-backstage-at-victorias-secret-annual-fashion-show-hair-makeup/attachment/11-16-backstage-at-victorias-secret-annual-fashion-show-hair-makeup-15/

  10. Hi , im shaikha from qatar ( middle east). and i want to tell you that you effect on my life alot. im 17 years grade 12 and i have my own self improvement club. so, i just want to thank you alot for your inspiration that have been sent to every single girl in the world. i mean it .and i like when some people discover thair voices and inspire others to do so . we love you :)

  11. I am really looking forward to the workout video! :) The summer is almost here and I need some inspiration and motivation.

  12. Hey, I have followed your blog and youtube channel for a while. i really like the ways you put your makeup, always very subtle but pretty!

    I just have some questions I want to ask, what skin care products do you use??

    another question is do you think girls should start using anti-aging products when they are in early 20s to prevent aging?? i am 22, but i was told that women should start anti-aging products when they turned 22 (the lady that works at shiseido told me girls should start using anti-aging eye cream after 15!!) so i bought some estee lauder advanced night repair serum 2 weeks ago, but i just saw the lancome visionaire ad on tv the other day, I have been doing research online, but ppl were really not clear about which one is better. I am just wondering if you have tried or you have friends using these two products.

    Looking forwards to your new video!


  13. ANNIE!
    finally,i found somewhere i can talk with you.
    I hope you see this!
    your a huge inspiration,and i always love watching your videos.

    I would love to see DAILY VLOGS! or at least daily vlogs,all put into 1 video. it will pull in more subscribers and viewers,and i would love to watch them.

    im very excited to see your workout video, and i have some more ideas which as well as myself,all your other viewers would love to see:

    - a whats in my on the go makeup bag video
    - whats in my purse video
    - loads of ootd videos (I,aswell as many other viewers love them types of videos)
    - hair tutorials, such as messy buns, updos, curls, straight dos, summer and spring hair
    - fashion hauls and beauty hauls
    - health hauls
    - loads of cooking videos
    - a meal plan video such as what you eat etc
    - a house tour/ bedroom tour
    - a closet tour
    - a bathroom tour - WOULD LOVE TO SEE THEM! my favourite types of tours!
    - beauty trends video
    - what inspires you type of video
    - hygeine routine - would love that!
    - DIY videos such as masks, decorating things etc
    - a little mini biography about your life - when you were younger etc, with pictures etc.
    - celebrity inspired videos
    - giveaway videos - this brings more subscribers and viewers to see how AMAZING you are
    - how to tone your body video
    - fitness and diet
    - what not to wear
    - quick skin fixes
    - easy hairdos on the go
    - drugstore foundation
    - everyday hair routine (tutorial)
    - products that suck/ dont suck
    - your oral routine
    - skincare routine in depth with a demo
    - your high school experience
    - what you want to do in the future
    - how to get clear skin
    - how to tan
    - feminine care
    - messy hair tutorials etc especially no heat etc
    - loads of health videos e.g food
    - how to stay motivated etc.


    I honestly would love to see you as a regular youtube uploader.
    I always check my news feed on youtube to see if you have uploaded new videos and i get excited if i see one :)

    ALSO, update your vlog more!

    LOVE YOU LOTS ;D xxxxxx