New Necklace!

Picked up this stunning necklace today at this random little jewelry store on the upper east side in the midst of running errands this morning. Best part, it was only $25! Crazy. Just a beautiful statement necklace, which I think will look great on a night out with something white, perhaps the white dress I recently showed you in my spring time haul. But it can also be styled to look more causal, like with a jean vest for example. I love it :) What do you guys think? It's fun to find expensive looking accessories for only a few dollars ♥ 


  1. thats a gorgeous necklace Annie and it looks amazin' on U :)

  2. Wow its beautiful and looks amazing on you!!! :)


  3. Looks Great! Love it!!

  4. It is beautiful and looks lovely the way you style it in the picture!

  5. it's looks amazing!!! it looks like a miu miu neckless!
    ur so lucky to live in the usa, here in switzerland everythhing is overpriced!

  6. åhhhh omg fyfan va fint halsband, sånt finns inte i sverige :((((( finns det någon chans att du kan köpa en till mig och att jag skickar över pengar, för sånt finns verkligen inte i sverige, och jag tänkte ha på mig den på min systers bröllop. Åhh snälla har letat i hela stockholm efter en liknande men hittar inte. Jag kan tillochmed skicka över pengarna innan du skickar halsbandet så att du kan lita på att du fått dem. SNÄLLA :(
    ps älskar din blogg och dina youtube inlägg, du är en inspiration för många ungdomar, fortsätt som du gör så vet jag att du kommer lyckas bra.
    Mejla gärna till min mail..

  7. Annie, just wanted to let you know that one of your videos is feautured on the 10 Best Makeup Tutorials on Fashionista. Congrats!
    Here is the link, if you want to check it out

  8. I wanted to get healthy and inspired and I found your youtube channel. I am only 16 years of age and I am really interested in your story. I have watched your videos from your very first ones. They are truly brilliant and if you feel as if your not making a difference - I can tell you that you are to me! Thank you xoxo

  9. Annieeee! What's the name of the jewelry store! Please let me know cause I was going to the city this weekend and that piece looks amazingggg I wanna see what else they have for a mothers day gift!! :)