Morning Sunshine

Good morning sunshine! It's another beautiful day here in New York and I am getting myself ready for the day. Got to bed really early last night and slept like a baby! I decided to put my hair up in this simple braided ponytail this morning, which is perfect for any bad hair day and looks sleek & polished. I'm also wearing my new bangles from Forever 21 along with my MK watch. I love the beachy, exotic colors paired with a simple white shirt. Now I'm going to make some oatmeal and have it with blueberries & cinnamon. I hope everyone has a lovely day!! XOXO

Oh and p.s. Thanks for all the feedback in my latest video. I will definitely be doing a tutorial for that curly hairstyle! And the little workout video is also in the works! 


  1. I love the bracelets in combination with the pink lipstick! Pretty spring colors, i love it! :)

  2. you look gorgeous as always :D
    Im so jelous :( your so pretty and perfect!
    I cant wait for the vids your uploading :)

    Have a good day xx

  3. Love that watch...and it's going to be my b-day soon :)

  4. please do an adriana lima inspired makeup tutorial

  5. I just discovered your blog once again (I visited your YT channel few weeks ago) and I get extremely motivated to introduce some changes into my life. Especially when comes to my diet and workout routine. I'll keep all your advices in mind. Your're such a positive person! I definitely will visit this blog regularly.
    Love your hair!

    Greetings from Poland :)

  6. hey annie! how are you? I have been watching your videos and reading your blogposts and i just felt the need to tell you, how inspiring you have been for me. you make me feel just better after i have seen you. even though you are at the other end of the world...i still wonder how a person that far away can make a difference to anyone's life. I hope you realize what impact you have on so many people's lives. so keep up the good work and i hope i didnt make you feel too much pressure now! :) - A from austria

  7. wie immer wunderschön :)


  8. Your skin is soo amazing! Can you do a more detailed video on the PMD device?

  9. luisa alexis knauthApril 11, 2012 at 5:32 PM

    I'm wondering if you know how amazing and inspiring you are?! Every time I watch one of your videos or read a blog post, I'm like 'wow, her makeup looks amazing' or 'her skin looks so flawless and healthy'. It is the little things that inspire me every single time and sometimes I really wish I could be a little tiny bit more like you.. I just wanted you to know that.. just in case your wondering, yesss I know, this is really weird..
    anyways, I really enjoy the things your doing for all of us!
    Much love from Europe!

  10. Hi Annie! please we wamt more videos from you plsssss. Make them more often :)

  11. Hey Annie :) I just wanted to tell you that I really love watching your videos! I love your positive attitude & your lifestyle! Due to you I'm changing my life into much more positive- and it really works!! And here are my fav songs at the moment:

    Taio Cruz feat. Pitbull "there she goes"
    Sean Paul "put it on you"
    Nicki Minaj "starships" (songtext is a bit strange...but good for cardio!)
    R.I.O. "like I love you"
    Carly Rae Jepson "call me maybe"

    hope, that some will energize you!

    love from Germany :) :-*

  12. Hey sweetie! You have a very beautiful blog with a lot of inspiring posts! I'd like to invite you to be my friend and follow each other:)

  13. U look amazing in this braided ponytail! <3 Totally love Your watch :-)

  14. What kind of Samsung camera do you have??

  15. Ok so this might be a weird question but in ur videos your lips always look pink.... do you always wear pink lipstick?? because I love the colour! if so... what is the lipstick called? who is it by?


  16. So beautiful, as usual :)


  17. I saved this picture and this is now my background in my iPad! U r a born photographer!!!