Gone Runnin'

Good morning friends!

It was such a gorgeous day here yesterday, the sun was beaming, clear blue skies and we had the nicest warm breeze. So I decided to go for a little run which felt great! I didn't even need to wear a jacket or sweater. I stopped periodically to do lunges, squats and other toning exercises. It's good to alternate your workouts so your body always keeps adapting, that's when you see change. Today on the other hand, its totally grey and rainy so I'm staying in, cleaning up my apartment and doing some work for school. I'm super comfy right now in my ultra cozy sweats, sippin' on my cup of green tea and listening to the rain outside. Going to put on some up beat music and get to cleaning!

Hope everyone's having a great Sunday! XOXO


  1. I envy you so much for living in New York! :) I love these kind of posts, though, and thank you for them, sweetie!
    I wish you'd vlog sometimes, I'd love to see more of the city and your daily life...

    p.s. your nose is adorable :)


  2. Jealous !! Yesterday was beautiful !! but i had class ... lame ... where do you go running ? I go to The Sports Center at Chelsea Piers and the have a great track outside and the view is amazing !! we should run together sometime ! I need the motivation! hehe

    xoxo Jess

  3. Hey Annie ! Im a french girl from Paris, and i litteraly love your blog, and videos :)
    Bisous, Charlotte.

  4. so inspirational, it's hard trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle while life pushes against us and has us running around. i try to run outside on a regular basis but the weather here in sf is bipolar so i stick to the gym and p90x videos. how's the brazilian work out? we should compare!

    <3 katya

  5. It seems Spring is finally going to expode here as well newt wed (should reach 30°C)...I can't wait!

  6. Are you in Instagram or who ist this http://web.stagram.com/n/anniejaffrey/

  7. You are soo beautiful, I really adore you! keep up the good work :)) big hugs from norway <3

  8. hi..how long time did it took you to loose your 40 ibs ?