Busy Week!

Hi guys! I miss you!! How is everyone? Nothing too exciting has been going on the past few days here, I've been buried in school work and dreaming of graduation and the summer :) I could tell you lots about Philosophy and Creative Strategies but not too sure you want to hear about that haha. I really wish I had more time to film cause I have so many videos I want to make, but right now I have to focus on getting all this work done. Come June, I'm all yours! :) 

Today I'm wearing my silver sequined cardigan from Zara, with a bright yellow tank and my gold 'shark' necklace from H&M. My jeans are high waisted black denims by Zara as well - love them! Yesterday I bought a lipstick from MAC called "Creme Cup", a gorgeous nude pink which I'm wearing on my lips today. I quite like it! Anyway I just wanted to say HI, HELLO, MISS YOU and now I am off to school to work on a group project and take a test! Later I'm going to a big family dinner to celebrate my dad's birthday  I hope everyone is having a great week! *Hugs XOXO


  1. You look amazing!!! I love your Blog, your videos and your style...

    Wish you a nice weekend....greetings from germany

  2. You look so amazing here annie! I think you have a resemblence of Kourtney Kardashian sometimes :) Hope all your work is going well! Lots of love from England. xoxoxox

  3. well happy birthday to your dad! you are just gorgeous! have a nice day!

  4. You look like a cross between Olivia Palermo and eva Longoria and your outfit and hair looks sooooo pretty today! :) good luck with the school work today!


  5. wish your dad a happu birthday from a subbie ;)
    and good luck with your homework, hang in there, its only about a month till school ends :)
    -Love from Norway <3

  6. You look amazing (as usual)! And you've got such great taste in both clothes, makeup and everything in between :)

  7. You look absolutely stunning!
    You should be a model :)
    I love your sense of style <3
    Happy Birthday to your Dad!
    Have a lovely day :)

  8. you look pretty like always!, greetings from Texas ! AND HAPPY bday to ur dad<3

  9. Hey Annie! I really miss ur videos too and just how beneficail they are to me but wat
    Keeps me motivated to my everyday life and routine is your blog and happy birthday
    To your dad and cant wait for the upcoming posts and videos! Xxx

    1. Totally agree! We all love you annie :) reading your blog posts every day is now a staple part of my daily routine to keep me happy, positive, and motivated! Never stop doing what you're doing cuz ur truly amazing and no one has ever made such a big positive impact on my life as you =)

  10. You are sooo pretty Annie!! Don't take this the wrong way but why don't you ever smile with your teeth?

  11. You look stunning! Good luck for your test and let the Holiday begins! You deserved it!

  12. I have creme cup and its gorgeous. its so flattering on many skintones!

  13. Nice Photos, your very cute!
    Lovley greets

  14. you look soo beautiful!! <3 <3