Balance Ball

Yay my balance ball arrived today! I've heard great things about using this in place of a regular desk chair as it's really good for your abs and back muscles. I always love finding new ways to keep myself in good health, so when I researched more into this and read all the benefits I had to give it a try! I got mine online from YogaAccessories for only $15.99. I ordered it on Monday so it got here pretty fast :)

Benefits of using a balance ball instead of a chair:
  • Forces proper spine alinement
  • Strengthens stomach muscles since you need to balance
  • Will make you burn extra calories during the day (up to 300, without doing much extra!)
  • Since you don't stay in the same position, it causes your body to keep moving thus increase circulation and energy 
  • Inexpensive (less than a regular desk chair)
  • You can also use it for toning exercises and stretching 
  • It's way funner sitting on a ball that moves lol :)

Do you girls own one of these? In case you are wondering the details, mine is a 65cm anti burst silver yoga ball (different sizes for different heights). I'm literally bouncing around on it now :) It reminds me of those bouncy ball toys with the handles that you could get when you were little. They were my fav! Dinner with my family was fun. We had the best asian food at this cute place uptown. Now I'm about to finish a paper for class, then hop into bed. Thank you for all your sweet comments on my last post, you guys are the best! Love you all! XOXO


  1. Great idea! I also have a balance ball; definitely gonna try that chair thing out! Your desk looks so pretty and organized :) Annie pretty plz do an apartment tour video!! I really want ideas.. Plus I would love to know where you got that makeup drawer organizer thing! Comment below if you agree annie should do an apartment tour for some decorating/life organizing ideas people :)

  2. ^ i agree!!
    I would love to see a decorating/ life organizing video. Prettyy please!!
    - love from toronto!!

  3. Hi Annie,

    greetings from germany again :-),
    I would love to see more life & motivation videos...it inspires me sooo much :-)
    What sort of cream is it on your desk? It looks so great...

  4. I have one too and I love it! You can use it for some workouts as well :)

  5. What a great idea. You are very inspiring Annie! So inspiring, that I have created my own blog because of you! I would love for you to check it out, if you will :) diannahaas.wordpress.com

    Keep up the great work! I love looking at your blog, I look at it every day! :)

  6. I have a balance ball as well. It has done wonders for my alignment. I had a habit of slouching on chairs all the time! This has definitely straightened me out.
    Good Job on the purchase. The long term effects of it are well worth it.


  7. Annie I love you SOOOO much! You are my favorite blogger, youtuber, and life inspiration! Oh and by the way, I have a balance ball too but I never knew you could sit on it in replacement to a chair. I'm sitting on mine write now and I'm pretty sure we have they same kind! Anyways, you've changed my life and you're so inspirational! I'm only in highschool but you make me think positive! Thanks Annie! Oh- I almost forgot. I don;t have a youtube account so therefore I can't subscribe to you. But as you're counting your subscribers add one more for me!

  8. i use a ball chair too :D it makes doing homework and just sitting at my desk soo much more fun ;)
    can you maybe do a desk organisation video, my desk is allways a huge mess. do you maybe have any tips ? :) <3
    btw, i love you and ur vids :D

  9. That is a good idea btw where did you get your desk? It is so lovely.

  10. Hey Annie! I also have one ball like this and it's really good for your back and you can use it for exercises (sit ups..)can you show one time how you exercise with your dvd? because for me it's not possible to order it!
    Love your blog, you motivate me so much, thank you <3 <3

    xo Constanze

  11. Hey Annie, I love this idea! Quick question, where did you get this desk? I love it :)

  12. Hey Annie! <3
    I got inspired by you and used a balance ball instead of my undeniably comfy office chair!
    And since everyone else has ask it, I'd like too... Where did you get that office desk? I've been hunting one down for ages!

  13. Yep, I was wondering where you got that desk too...so spacious but not overly large at the same time. Maybe another person asking the question would help her see it :D

  14. Hi! Now I want to get a ball! Problem is that I'm scared I will fall off or something ahha :)

  15. just ordered my balance ball <3 thanks for the great idea!

  16. This was a good suggestion that you put up here...dude…..hope that it benefits all the ones who land up here.
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