Spa Night

I've been getting into the habit of giving myself a facial and treating my hair with a homemade hair mask every week. I love using all natural ingredients as I think they work the best, and are guilt-free (no chemicals, preservatives etc)! I do also use some regular products, but have been taking the natural route, when doing facials, for the past few months. 

These are a few of the products ingredients used in my weekly spa night routine

My Facial
1. Cleanse face 
2. Exfoliate using an at home microderm 
3. Splash face with water to remove dead skin
4. Apply either raw honey (amazing for skin!) or Aztec clay mask (great to draw out impurities)
5. Whilst applying it, I use it to massage my face which helps improve circulation, puffiness, elasticity etc.. Leave on for 20 - 60 mins
6. Wash off with warm water + pat dry face
7. Apply 2% BP, serum and a tad of moisturizer 

Hair Mask
I combine honey, coconut oil, olive oil and ground cinnamon. Mix it up into a paste and apply it to my hair and wrap a plastic bag around my head. I leave it in for about an hour, and sometimes I sleep with it in my hair for an extra hydration boost. 

I will soon be doing a more in depth video about my weekly facial and my favorite exfoliation methods as I get asked about that topic a lot. Hope this was helpful! :)

Off to la la land :) Hope everyone has a great night! XOXO


  1. This sounds great, I have to try this facial:) Where can I find the Indian Healing clay?? Thanks so much!

  2. I love coconut oil for my hair too. Kisses from Paris ;-)

  3. i do similiar things too! :) honey is the best, for everything! :)


  4. Definitely want to try out some of these ingredients to use as a facial! x


  5. Annie - I tried your hair mask but I must have done something wrong in the portions. It was super sticky and hard to get in my hair evenly. I only got some on the ends and ran out. It seemed to just stick to the outside parts of my hair? I put a heaping tbs of all ingredients (except the cinnamon which I just sprinkled). Can you PLEASE give more details on your hair mask recipe? Thanks!

  6. I just ordered me some Indian Healing Clay on ebay. Can't wait to try it!