Rose Gold

Every now and then I like to check in with my favorite designers to see their new collections, and oh my! I had to hold my jaw up when I saw these rose gold dresses from Herve Leger, the brand behind the ultimate sexy, sophisticated cocktail dresses. These are my favorite from the new Spring collection and I WISH I had them in my wardrobe right now. I really like the edgy braided chiffon construction  against the soft and feminine rose gold fabric. One of these dresses are about $3,500 so they are not on my budget, BUT it's always fun to look and get inspired right? I imagine myself wearing one of these at a beautiful candle lit dinner in some exotic destination... heaven! ♥ Which one is your favorite?

Herve Leger Spring 2012 Favs 


  1. The first one is amazing!!! I am getting very keen on Rose Gold at the moment!!! xoxo

  2. I know you would look absolutely beautiful wearing one of those Annie! My favorite one is on the top at the right. Its amazing!

  3. schön :)

  4. I like the first and last one, h and m has new dresses out if yur interested, I got a few items. Also Annie I finally got that lipstick peach passion . The had it finally at square one Mississauga and it looks great with no makeup on such a beautiful colour Abd yes makes yu smile when yu take it out of yur purse, yur right ( this from earlier video)