My Workout Routine!

My new video is up! This one is one of my most requested videos so I hope you guys find this helpful :) As I said in the video, I don't have a particular "routine" since I'm in school and everyday each day varies, so I try to fit my workouts in whenever I can. I try to get in at least 3-4 hours of exercise per week, but I don't stress myself out if I get too busy with other things. The best advice I think is to try to incorporate as much movement as you can in your daily life, ie walking to places, dancing - jam out 20 mins a day before you shower :), taking the stairs etc.. 

Brazil Butt Lift (5 DVD's in total)
I like that every DVD has different workouts on them, so I always change it up which keeps it interesting. 
Some days I only feel like doing 15 mins of cardio and 50 minutes of leg & butt toning so I tailor the workouts to how I feel. 

Caution: Even though these workouts are fun & super sexy, they are HARD so prepare yourself to work up a sweat :)
The FIRM (52-minute Complete Workout)
Other workouts I love:
  • Boxing
  • Biking
  • Zumba
  • Swimming

Some tips for staying on track:
  • Listen to good music!
  • Bring an equally motivating friend with you
  • Write down your goals and tell people about them
  • Don't forget to stretch! :)

What are YOUR favorite types of workouts and/or DVD's? And what songs do you like working out to. Share with me below! XOXO


  1. I just discovered you had a blog!
    Thanks for your advices, and constant positive attitude ! I guess you're a wonderful person (:

    Love from France xx


  2. I really love reading your blog and watching your videos. You really motivate me to be healthier, more active and more positive. I've recently started to go jogging / running and I've found some great work out videos on youtube! xxx

  3. Great video and blog! The topic was very appreciated! :)

  4. Hi Annie, you gave us some tips for staying on track. Can you tell me what kind of songs do you listen to while working out?

    Thanks a lot.

    Love from Switzerland :)

  5. Annie,
    I have been following your blog for a few months and I have to say, you are so beautiful inside and out and a huge inspiration to us all. I love the Jillian Michaels DVDs. She's tough but it makes me feel so good after each workout. Check them out sometime! Keep on blogging and keep staying true to yourself. You GO girl! :)

  6. i so need to be more motivated to exercise!

  7. Great video annie! Hey I really miss your full voluminous wavy hair :P Like back in the days of your first videos when you blowdried your hair upside down and did the bun thing :P I think that's your prettiest look! You should try it out again for your next video :)

  8. I'm a blog and youtube subscriber and you've def motivated me to get my tushie in shape. I will look good this year! muah~Farah

  9. Hi Annie! Ever since I've started running it has toned me up so much!! Hard to get started at first but ever so addictive once you get into it!! It's toned my bottom and thighs heaps, not to mention my stomach as well. On my off days I love going to bikram yoga...it's a great way to stretch and just concentrate on yourself.

    Love your blog and videos! Keep up the great work :)

  10. Hi Annie, what lipstick are you wearing? It is absoloutely so GORGEOUS and looks very natural!!

    Love your new video!

  11. I need to be motivated too, any tip for this? :(

  12. I love your blog and your YouTube channel. You are very inspiring and motivate me to be healthier. I also try to be more active during my daily life. I take the stairs when possible and walk a lot. Also, I do lunges and lift weights for 20 minutes everyday while watching my favorite gurus on YouTube.

    Have a lovely week!

    Liesl xxx

  13. You're an inspiration and I love your blog!
    I play hockey for my university so that's a big part of my life, but in the off season I love yoga and running (training for a half marathon, yikes!)
    If you're interested in something super intense check out hurling! It's an old Irish sport. The national sport of Ireland! There are videos all over YouTube.
    But that's a bit intense for some people. I also like to keep it interesting with dance parties in my apartment with my roommate. We are loving Everybody Talks by the Neon Trees right now. Very up beat and summery for our dances!

  14. toll werde so etwas auch mal testen ;)

  15. Thanks for the tip on the Brazil dvds. I just finished the first work-out, and OMG I have never been this exhausted! But I guess that's a good thing ;)

    Just love your blog!

    ♥ from The Netherlands

  16. I really <3 your videos, especially tutorials. Brazil dvds are really good, but I find Tahitian workout really work on me.

    <3 darlyn

  17. Annie, i brazilian, my name´s Vanessa anda i make Capoeira, dou know? I loved your videos...kiss sweet

  18. You have to try the Kim Kardashian Workout. It's called 'Fit in your Jeans by Friday', which is so effective on your hole body... I love all 3 DVD. Just try them. You'll love them. :)

  19. Walking helped me immensely. I walked every day for an hour for about 3.5 miles. :)

  20. I love brazil butt lift. The instructor is very energetic and so positive, it makes the crazy workouts fun. I just moved to a location where the gym is non-existent. Do you know what is the best treadmill Annie? The site says the livestrong brand will fit but would like to get your opinion.

    Thanks for the post <3