My Current Favorite Lipsticks

"Indian Pink" by Rimmel (lip pencil)
"Soft Rose" by Revlon
"Antwerp" by NYX
"Pink Nouveau" by MAC
"Fushia Fever" by Maybelline
"Pink in the Afternoon" by Revlon
"Russian Red" by MAC
"Creme Brulee" by Revlon
"Airy Fairy" by Rimmel

Swatches :)

What I use to prep & prime my lips

Here are a few pictures showing how some of these lipsticks look like on.

"Indian Pink" by Rimmel, "Soft Rose" by Revlon, "Russian Red" by MAC

"Creme Brulee" by Revlon, "Pink in the Afternoon" by Revlon, "Fushia Fever" by Maybelline

What's your favorite lipstick? Let me know below! 



  1. i love them all, Annie.. indian pink is so pretty!


  2. Please, what is the lipstick you're wearing here-> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jrgEoGhVsbg&context=C3621a6fADOEgsToPDskJARTqYersSdsGZPqc7Dd0k

  3. my pink in the afternoon looks more like a pinky-red... hmmm. on you it looks so light baby pink..

  4. Girl its amazing how you can pull off so many different shades of lipstick and look stunning!
    The Revlon Colorburst lipsticks are amazing, have you tried any other shades besides "Soft Rose"?

  5. Wow you are stunning ! I'm loving the Revlon Lip Butters as well, I think Creme Brulee might be the next one I try ! I just subbed to you on youtube and am now following you here, would love if you would check my blog out as well xoxo


  6. Ahh, I love lipsticks! This was a fun video to watch, you're beautiful!

  7. Hi Annie! I discovered your videos on your tube about a month ago and now I am hooked on both them and your blog! You are absolutely beautiful and such an inspiration to be healthy and positive. Just a quick question, what are the best lip colours for read-heads? Being one myself I'm looking for the perfect lip shade to wear on a night out but I'm not too sure what sort of colour to go for, any tips would be appreciated! oxox

  8. do you always wear pink lips ??

  9. a gorgeous collection! i wish i could wear all this colors...

  10. Fushia Fever!! Looks soo nice!! And it goes with the shirt you're wearing!

  11. Amazing!!
    I need to know whats the number of pink in the afternoon and fushia fever. Love it

  12. Amazing!!
    I need to know whats the number of pink in the afternoon and fushia fever. Love it

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