Just about to dig in to this yumminess! I'm having a turkey avocado whole wheat sandwich, a few multigrain tortilla chips and a big green juice. The juice consists of spinach, collard greens, kale, cucumber, apples, lemon & ginger. Avocado is my favorite and it's great because it contains lots of good fats needed for healthy glowing skin, it also helps to absorb vitamins and nutrients from all the veggies in the juice. Bon app everyone XOXO


  1. Lecker :)


  2. this is what i had for lunch today

  3. I see you are eating mostly healthy food, that's really good! I like your blog a lot, I think you are really smart, beautiful and friendly :) I find your blog really inspiring!
    Have ever tried green smoothies? They are much healthier than juice :)
    And I found awesome food combination chart
    I think it's really useful :)

  4. Hey u should make guocomoule dip with avocado, it's delicious and healthy
    I put olive oil, diced tomatoes dad of hit sauce lemon juice and eat with warm pita or totlrtolla chip me and my hubby munch on that as a snack
    Try it ok

  5. Looks delicious! Is that mayo on your sandwich though? You should try vegenaise instead :) its healthier and tastes very similar!

  6. Yumz! I'm curious to know how many calories are in this meal?

    Have a great weekend!

    Liesl xxx

  7. Love posts like this one! I would be so hapy if you often made videos where you show us some healthy recipes!
    It would be great. Also I would be very thankful if you post pictures of what you eat (like today) but more often in your blog. Cause it really helps me to stay on track. For example, today I felt like having junk food , but when i saw your lunch I was inspired to make a green juice instead. So amazing! thanks!

  8. Looks yummy! Check out my weight loss blog http://excusesordreams.blogspot.co.uk/ :)

  9. Hey you can speak french ? i mean fluently..?

  10. can you do a video or blog post with some recipes you do on a weekly basis:)