Food Diary

Can you please share what you eat during a typical week? 

This week I did my best to record what I ate for a few days to give you guys some somewhat healthy food ideas. I'd say my diet is 80% healthy and 20% on the more lenient side, but I do always try to make sure it's as preservative free and as unprocessed as possible :)

(B=breakfast, L=lunch, D=dinner, S=snacks)

B: Whole wheat toast with fresh peanut butter & an apple
L: Grilled vegetable sandwich
D: Brown rice sushi, spicy salmon & tuna with extra ginger
S: Whole wheat crackers

B: Oatmeal with blueberries, strawberries & brown sugar
L: Lentil soup & half an avocado & chicken sandwich
D: Whole grain cereal with coconut milk
S: Hummus & carrots

B: Oatmeal with brown sugar
L: Shrimp cilantro wrap (from Pret-a-Manger - LOVE)
D: A slice of pizza & a green salad
S: Raisins

B & L: Whole wheat cereal with coconut milk
D: Whole wheat ravioli with marinara sauce and parmesan
S: Dark chocolate covered peanuts

B: Woke up late so just had some fruit then got lunch soon after
L: Turkey, salad & avocado sandwich
D: Sushi at restaurant with my girlie Emily :)
S: Carrots & hummus

Drinks: Green tea all day everyday :) Fresh veggie juice as often as I can and lots of water

So as you can probably tell, I really don't cook too much because I'm always running around and busy most of the day. I also eat out at restaurants a lot, and I usually love to order fish like salmon with vegs. I never count calories, but just make sure to eat everything in moderation.

Feel free to share your favorite healthy meals below for all of us to get inspiration from!



  1. I love jerked chicken breast with tomatoes, avocadoo (sometimes a bit of cheese) on whole grain toast and natural coconut water-no sugar added. I too love whole grain cereal and coconut milk :) ♥

  2. thank you for this! i will definitely take some ideas from this!
    i was wondering, in regards to green tea...I drink a lot of it, too. (and only water and fresh juice, as well) but my friend told me a while ago, that green tea can actually harm you if you drink more than 2 cups a day..? what do you think?


  3. you have such a yummy diet x and its soo halthy too!x

  4. I'm hungry now when I read this!


  5. Hey Annie!
    Thank you so much for your eat diary, you just gave me my new eating plan, thank you a lot ! :*

  6. Hey Annie! :) I saw your video about your weight loss story from last year and I really liked it. I was hoping you could make a new one, because I'm sure that throughout this year you've learned a lot more about healthy lifestyle. Besides that, video was (and still is) very popular.
    Keep up the good work! ;)

  7. hey annie..i have seen all your videos more than 20 times i guess.... you are simply the best... i just wanted to know what do you suggest for facial hair..?how do you deal with it... love xoxo

  8. Hi Annie, Can u do an updated version of this please!!! :)