March 23, 2012


Good morning beautiful! Woke up today to a wonderful sunny New York and I cannot wait to go outside and enjoy the weather :) I haven't even been wearing a jacket for the past few days, it's as if we're in summer already! And along with summer here comes the humidity lol and as you can probably see my hair absorbs it and gets HUGE. Anyway :) I decided to get my nails done yesterday and chose this gorgeous pink color called "Fiesta" by Essie and I love it. It's the perfect bold candy pink color, matching my mood for this newfound summer weather. 

"Fiesta" by Essie, love this candy pink color! 
In pictures, it shows up more fuchsia/purple, 
but the true color is the one shown in the bottle 


  1. super süß :)

  2. Super cute color. Never noticed it before in the Essie colors, thanks :).

    lacey @ lovely-21

  3. CUTE please check out my blog?

  4. You should tell us wear you get all your cute clothes :)