Favorite Mascaras

What are your favorite mascaras?

I LOVE big flirty eyelashes! When I'm getting glammed up, I like applying two (or ten lol jk) coats of mascara to really amp up my lashes. Something that's great about mascara, is the drugstore ones are just as good, if not better, than expensive high end ones. I have tried MANY and the ones below are my favorites!

1. L'Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black
This one is great because it gives intense volume! The brush is really thick so it picks on a lot of product and builds a nice base of black in the roots of the lashes to really make them look full. It's one of those staples from the drugstores that you can't go wrong with.

2. Rimmel Sexy Curves
The brush on this mascara is one of the most unique ones around. Its composed of three small balls that really help to separate, lengthen and curl the lashes. This however, does not really give a lot of volume, but it is great for applying as a base, and then going in with the volume building mascara after. Another great product from the drugstore!

3. Benefit They're Real
OMG, one of the most amazing mascaras. I feel like it does three things at once, lengthens, curls and builds volume. Great if you're looking to invest in a higher end mascara and want something that can do it all.

4. MAC Haute & Naughty
Love this one because of the unique 'two setting' brush. If you use the purple side, more product will come out on the brush to build crazy volume. The pink side uses the same brush, but only has half the amount of product on to build nice length.

5. Revlon Grow Luscious
Another drugstore fav! The brush on this is the biggest I've ever seen in mascaras. It's huge! I love it because it really curls and builds a lot of length and volume. It is also great for layering, so I sometimes apply 3 coats and it builds really nicely.

Keep in mind, when finding the right mascara, it's important to get one that's right for your type of eyelashes. If you have quite full lashes to begin with, I recommend all these mascaras for you. If you have finer lashes, then I am not positive if you will have the same results as me. Reading reviews online really helps me pick products before I spend my money on them.

Shopping for makeup can be so confusing sometimes so hope this was helpful!!



  1. My favourite mascara ever used to be L'Oréal Double Extension (still one of the best!), but I always want to try new products and I am still looking to THE mascara. I really like YSL Faux Cils and heard great things about They're Real, but didn't try it yet

  2. I love benefit they're real, with that one i can get the most beautiful natural long eyelashes effect! I've got really small eyelashes and with this mascara they seem much more longer but NATURAL...it seems that that is your length and you just applied a black mascara with just color and no volumizing/lenghening effect to emphasize them !LOVE IT !!!:D

    Btw, Annie i wanted to ask you.. what is your samsung camera model, the one that you use for photos and videos here and on youtube? I really love the beauty shoot and the quality of your videos!! I need to get it! *_*

  3. Thank you for being who you are ! Your videos inspired me so much that I'll care much more for myself than before, I eat better an do workout..Just because of your vids :) Keep it going girl, you're awesome :)


  4. tolle Post :)

  5. Hey!! I'm a new member!! i've been following ur blog and youtube channel for a while now... i'm a mascara freak so i'll definitely be trying these out!... The mascara i've been using for the past year or so, its Make Up Forever Smoky Lash. OMG this mascara is so good, the volume is just spectacular, so it's the length it gives you, but for volume it's deff the best i've ever tried, and I've tried from dior black out and lancome to cover girl lash blast...

  6. I love L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes it gives great volume but it doesn't clump or flake :)


  7. Hey Annie! Could you possibly make a video on how to best remove eye makeup, especially mascara. I often don't want to use it because it's such a major pain to remove... Please help!