Family Night

Hi everyone :) Just got home from a night out in the city felt nice to get out of my apartment! I've been home working on midterms for the past few days and needed to get out for a bit. I had a lovely dinner with my whole family by Columbus Circle, then my brothers, some friends and I went out to a restaurant / club to dance & let loose. Now I'm so ready to hop into bed and get some rest so I can wake up early and finish up a huge project I have due on monday. Wanted to say hi to everyone since I've been gone for the past few days - literally buried in books, meh :( Hope everyone's having a great weekend! Will post some more pics from our night out tomorrow afternoon. XOXO

Gorgeous candles and white roses at dinner


  1. have a nice week end too!

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  3. Hi Annie! I know the feeling i have feel like i have been stuck in the house studying too! What are you studying?

  4. Hi Annie!!! I'm AnnaPaola! I'm from Italy and I'm 16 years old! I just want to say you that you're fantastic and very very good!! I love your channel on youtube and I like your blog too!
    You're so nice and your advices help me a lot. When I have a bad mood I turn on the PC and I usually watch your videos and I feel better :) and I want you to know that thanks to your video I do practicing with english and it's very important to me!
    Have a nice week-end! :)
    I hope you write back !

  5. Wow Annie you look stunning :) I love your videos :)