Confetti Nails

I love glitter nail polishes and usually like to apply it to one or two nails to add a little sparkle. Recently I've been mixing different glitters which I think gives a really cool "confetti" effect. These nails are similar to my Holiday Nails I made a blog about in December. It's like wearing jewelry on your nails :) It might even be cute to add the "half moon" glitter to all nails for extra sparkle. Have you guys tried this before?

Pop Beauty "Gold Glitz", Milani "Gold", Wet n' Wild "Atlantis", Sephora "Dear Diary"


  1. Hi! Just found your youtube channel and blog today and I love both! I love that you have more of a focus on health than just the beauty. I saw this post and had to comment (and I apologize that this sounds like a shameless plug for my own blog, even though it's not). I love, love, love the glittery nail polish but had pretty much stopped wearing it because it was way too frustrating try to remove it. Finally, I found a method to remove it using aluminum foil (of all things!) which is really easy. I have a post on it if you're interested. Anyway, I've very much enjoyed viewing/reading your stuff and will definitely be back!