Braided Updo

Hey everyone! I wanted to show you this quick hairstyle I sometimes do when I'm having a bad hair day, or if I've gone a few days without washing it. I think it looks quite pretty but at the same time a little messy and boho chic too.

If you like it and want to try it out, it's super easy to recreate!

1. Part your hair to the right side
2. French braid the left side of your hair backwards and tie it with an elastic
3. Gather the rest of your hair into a side ponytail and include the braided part (you can remove elastic now)
4. Tie elastic around your new ponytail (braid & rest of hair)
5. Now wrap the hair around into a bun, and secure with bobby pins! Set with a light mist of hairspray and you're all done :)

These pictures were taken the first time I did this hairstyle, so that's why it's not super sleek and perfect, but I quite like it a little undone and messy. If I want a more of an elegant look, I sleek it back and tighten the braid up more.

A little mid-week hair inspiration from me to you! XOXO


  1. KONY 2012! please do a video!

  2. Annie! Your skin is super clear, I've looked at your skincare routines, but do you use any exfoliants?
    I unfortunately have blackheads I've been trying to get rid of! Do you recommend anything??

  3. Hair looks gorgeous!! Yes...I have the same question! How do you get rid of blackheads? I have some on my nose =(

  4. I love this, going to try it right now :)
    Kony 2012, please help, make a video!

  5. Love this look! I'll def be trying this myself! I'm a massive fan of your blog and your youtube videos and you've inspired me to start my own beauty blog, I'd REALLY appreciate it if you could give it a quick look :)


    Emma xxx

  6. Looks soo good! I imagine this hairstyle with a long "summery" dress and a bright denim jacket, on a cafe this summer :D

  7. Annie please make a video of it! Im sure i cant do it alone.. :( <3

  8. oh yes please, make a video :)

  9. You look absolutely stunning, as always! You're my rolemodel and a huge inspiration to me. You have such a positive outlook on life, it's awesome! - Naima :)

  10. Hi Annie,

    Love your top and the hair :) Where did you buy your top from?

    1. I think she's wearing a bra.....

  11. Love the look! Video plzzz!!

  12. hi Annie! I just wanna say that I LOVE YOUR BLOG, I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS <3 you'r gorgeous, so damn amazing and funny! And your healthy videos are such a great inspiration to me! (I love outasight's songs ;D) Thanks so much for everything you do!
    xx S.

    The Fashion Breakfast
    The Fashion Outsider

  13. This is an adorable hair style! I love that it's slightly messy <3 I'll def be trying it tonight xx


  14. I would love a video for this hairstyle!! I tried it last night, and I have very short hair (above my shoulders), and it almost worked! I can't seem to get the braid right, so a video would be great help :)

  15. I don't know why youre not doing any videos lately. You should be a bit more active and
    give your viewers a bit more material to look forward too. Same with your blog. You
    claim that you blog everyday but it aint happening lately. Kind of disapointing.

  16. I loved this look!!Unfortunately I have a problem with french braids can you please make a video for it?Thanks you're great