Back Home

Hi everyone! Got back to New York this morning and went straight from the airport to a 4 hour class. When I got home I attempted to do an at-home workout DVD but had a mountain of homework to get done and also wanted to finish editing my 'February Favorites' video first, which is currently uploading & will be up in the morning, yay! I will get my workout in tomorrow afternoon :) 

Below are a few more pictures from Toronto, including some from the basketball game we went to at the Air Canada Center where the Raptors played the Milwaukee Bucks (I don't follow basketball and had never heard of either teams lol but it was fun). Will be back in the morning with a new video! XOXO

 Gorgeous view of the lake at Port Credit! Reminds me of Geneva 
Fresh fruit available at a basketball game? Who would've thought! 
Loved the energy at the stadium, definitely a great experience


  1. OMG ,fresh fruits at the basketball ,this is great! Annie ,we're waiting for the video , happy that you've spent nice time out of home!

  2. no doubt you had fun in Toronto! so glad for you! xx