Winged Liner

Face of the Day 

Foundation: Bourjois Healthy Mix #54
Mascara: Revlon Grow Luscious
Liner: Lancome Artliner
Lipstick: Maybelline "Fuchsia Fever"
Bronzer: NYC "Sunny" & Milani "Golden"
Brow Shadow: Anastasia Brow Duo in Medium

Notice the gold door behind me? That was actually the first thing I painted when I moved into my new apartment (probably painted it the third day of moving in). I painted it this beautiful gold color because I thought it made my whole apartment look so cool and kinda glam lol. Every time someone comes over it's the first thing they comment on "Oh my gosh you have a GOLD DOOR!"

I also like to think it brings me luck every time I step out ♥ 

Thanks for all your requests :) New 'favorites video' should be up by the weekend! 



  1. YAY! Im the first one!! :D ahaha
    Hi Annie! Omg love the look! Its soo pretty!
    So Ive been trying to ask you this for a long time now, but like what are some good foods to eat before and after exercising? Thanks Annie! U always make my day! I love you soo much!!

    1. Thanks Sarah! :) Try to leave an hour window between eating and exercising, cause you otherwise you can get cramps in your muscles. I eat regularly before and after I exercise but if you're looking for specific foods then try googling it, I'm sure you will come up with some good ideas :) I know its good to have some sort of protein after a workout to help your muscles recover (this can be meat, and/or also spinach, eggs etc). Don't know if that was much help lol but good luck! xoxox

  2. OMG your lips ..so beautiful...
    i am afraid to try and wear such color on my lips :( what should i do?

  3. you are soo pretty!! i love your videos.. please do more makeup tutorials.. <3

  4. Hi Annie! I meant to request this the other day, but I'd really love to see a video done with makeup for beginners? I have makeup (crappy & cheap stuff), but I haven't got money to spare at the moment. I'm 15 & have light to medium acne. I'm self conscious about it but wearing foundation I feel a bit self conscious too. I love the winged liner look but I just don't know how to do makeup well! > <

    Could you come up with a video to help?

    Brittany <3

  5. you are seriously gorgeous ;) hot pink lips definitely suit youi was wondering i f we can exchnage blogs on our bloglists?only if u liked my blog though :)

  6. really cute :)


  7. You look like a mix between Eva Longoria and Vanessa Hudgens, both beautiful women! LOVE your blog! :*

  8. Hi, I'd like to ask you what have you been studying in university? Cause if you studied something totally different than beauty etc then you are a natural to this one. I've also watched you on your youtube channel. About that weight lose video I'd like to say that I'm in a similar situation. It;s a long story but I tried and I failed so I think it's really good that you spread the word "motivation" to people cause they need to hear it. I do have lots of motives but everytime I try something goes wrong in the process so I just quit. But I don't encourage others to follow my example. I've always been quite chubby and now I've reach the age of 21 and I'm still the same. Everytime I try to lose weight it will be for a little while and I'll lose about 5-6 kilos and then go down again. So I was really glad hearing that some person accomplished that and also motivates others as well. I find that amazing. I'm honestly happy about you and other girls like you. Thank you so much on behalf of the female population for your work! :) have a nice weekend you all xx

  9. your skin is soooooo amazing*-* and i love the lipstick!
    What camera do you use for your photos? =)

  10. I agree with "Anonymous", I also need a lot of motivation for instance school and stuff.. you are so insperational, I would be so happy if you could do a "motivation for school/uni" video! :) It would be so helpful and it would totally made my life easier if I can watch that everyday to remember the good words.. :)

    As always, your pictures are GORGEOUS! Never stop that great work Annie! Your definitely my favorite and I'm obsessed with your blog! :) Looking forward to Vlogs! :) hihi Lots of Loooove from Europe have a great day!! :D <3<3

  11. Hi Annie I adore you, and all your blog post. And I really would like to know what camera do you use. Thank you

  12. Heeey gorgeous! I wonder do u rent an apartment or did u buy it? I would love to paint my door gold haha, but not sure if it's allowed in a rented apptmnt. Thanx xoxo

  13. Why have you airbrushed your face so much, your skin always looks beautiful!