Pink Friday

I was in desperate need of a good manicure today. When the weather is dry and cold, my hands and nails WILL retaliate if I dont treat them right. So whilst choosing amongst the array of colors, I saw the new Nicki Minaj by OPI collection, and this bubble gum pink color immediately caught my eye. It's appropriately called "Pink Friday". It is very opaque, meaning the color literally turns out the way you see it in the bottle. The color is definitely "Barbie", but it's growing on me and I kinda like it!
Pink Friday by Nicki Minaj OPI

Starting full time classes again has definitely taken up a lot of time, but I am looking forward to graduation which is right around the corner! I've also been doing lots of work on my channel (it's undergoing a makeover) so as soon as that's done, I'll be back to posting more videos! 

One of which is the look I wore in my latest video (shown below). It was a requested makeup tutorial on Nicole Richie's smokey eye makeup. Excited to share it with you!

Now I'm off to watch some late night talk shows, unwind and drift away into la la land! 

Goodnight XOXO


  1. Can't wait for the new video! xoxo

  2. It is waiting for your new video. You're just the ideal of female beauty for me. I long for you. Thank you for doing the video.

  3. pretty pretty pretty :)


  4. I got"Did it on em" and i love it. I cant seem to find all the shades together at one place:( BTW Ive got an award for you over at my blog! Check it out dear:


  5. I LOVE that ring you are wearing! Where did you get it? I picked up "Pink Friday" too, I'm not sure it works with my super pale skin, but it looks really nice on you. Maybe I'll try it again ...