Last Day With Kim

Today is Kim's last day here in New York and we will definitely miss her! Whenever someone comes to visit, it brings people together and you end up seeing and doing things you wouldn't have otherwise. Last night we went out to eat at an adorable little French / Belgian restaurant called La Petite Abeille. It's so cute and cozy in there (another great place to go if you're visiting New York). I also loved the fact that they actually spoke French! 

The next time I'll be seeing Kim is in Holland! I've never been and would love to visit this summer with Em. 

Emily, Kim and I

We love you girl! XOXO


  1. three amazing girls :)


  2. That would be so cool if you're coming to our hometown Holland! Are you givin a meet and greet in Amsterdam? ^.^ That would be fun!

    1. Do you have more followers from the Netherlands? It would be really fun to do that! A meet and greet with some other beauty guru's from the Netherlands maybe, like Nikkietutorials and Beautygloss (you know them?) We could spend a day with the girls in Amsterdam this summer, drink cocktails and make some pictures :) I saw that your friend Em is also from The Hague, so cool that she's livin in NY now!!

  3. YEAH! That would be so much fun to have a meet and greet in Holland. I'm from Holland too! Xo

  4. I had a great time with you babe! It was so much fun! Im so honored that I'm on your blog!
    Hope to see you very soon so we can party and eat sushi again! Keep up the good work with your blog!
    Loveee uuu 2!! xoxo

  5. beautiful ;) hope u get to see her agen soon

  6. Thats so awesome, looks like you have an amazing little group of positive beautiful ladies! :) Hope one day im lucky enough to have that! You've inspired me to try and be more positive, I even started writing a blog to get my thoughts out there! Im trying every day to move forward with my life because of your blog and videos and love for life!
    Anyone feel free to check it out and help me through this journey called life!