Happy Sunday

Hi everyone, happy sunday! Things have been a little crazy this weekend, but all will hopefully be calm again by tomorrow evening. Tonight I'll be posting a new video with some news, for me it's huge and so exciting :) I'm currently out of the city for the weekend enjoying the suburbs with my dad. Yesterday the weather was gorgeous, beaming sunshine, and all of the sudden it started snowing! I'd never seen weather like that before. It feels like the cold makes its way to your bones. Anyway, appropriately timed my dad invited me to go to Los Angeles with him for a few days next week so I am in the midst of planning that. It would be absolutely amazing to soak up some sun for a few days! Yesterday I went to IKEA (hejsan Sverige!!) and bought a new desk which I am so happy about cause the one I have now is tiny. I'll take pictures when it's all set up :) Now I'm relaxing after a delicious breakfast which consisted of two sunny-side up eggs, whole wheat toast and a big glass of fresh green juice. In about half an hour I'm off to a 90 minute vinyasa yoga class. Those are my favorite because you keep moving, and don't get bored. 

Feel free to share your sunday plans with me below! Be back with another post tonight :) XOXO


  1. I'm studying for my exams. :( Not really on my wish-list this sunday.

  2. Ikeaaaaa ;)


  3. that's so cool!!!
    and i'm doing mes devoirs four french courses =)after will do a walk in Montreal downtown

  4. you should do a meetup in LA! i would love to meet you in person :) -Daisy

  5. I'm studying for exams today and trying to catch up on school work before they start piling up! =D Can't wait to hear your exciting news and to watch your latest video! Hope you have fun! The weather in so-cal has been a bit gloomy/foggy but hopefully it will clear up and you can enjoy the california sunshine =) I also had a question on how you get your lipstick to apply so wonderfully! It always looks amazing on you, any good remedies to get those pouts ready for lip stick application!? I'm trying to start wearing more bold lips hehe Hope you're having a wonderful day!



  6. Yur parents r divorced?
    I'm feeding my daughter went to Toronto with my husband and new born son , went to a Portuguese cafe, was nice!

  7. i love your new blog & channel :)
    can't wait to see some LA pics, if you end up going.. :)