February 23, 2012

Gold Glitz

I was at the pharmacy yesterday and I saw this gold / silver glitter nail polish. It was calling out my name, so just had to get it :) I think it's so pretty and girly but still edgy. I only applied it to one nail for now, but might do all my nails tonight with the weekend coming up and all :) Anyway I am in love with this combination! I think the grey really compliments the silver and gold glitter flecks.

Essie "Sand Tropez" & Pop Beauty "Gold Glitz"


  1. nice combination :)


  2. Pretty, but i should keep the glitter on one nail. It looks cute this way.

  3. This is such a nice colour combination, I absolutely love putting glitter on my ring finger as well, it always adds a nice touch /glam to your manicure : )

  4. Annie this is so pretty! I love your blog and your videos.
    You are such an inspiration!! It's also nice how we both are from Europe, but live in the US. We also share the love of eating healthy (I'm less than 3 months away from graduating from a Bachelor of science in Nutrition & Dietetics). =)
    You can check my youtube if you want: http://www.youtube.com/user/kristenMee?feature=guide
    Much love and keep doing what you're doing, cause you're amazing!!

  5. Took me awhile to comment cause the comment section wasn't loading properly. I hope I didn't spam you. Anyway,I really love that glitter polish! It reminds me of the glitter polish I purchased last Saturday by Jordana called "Purple Glam".

  6. I think it is very cute how you only have it on 1 nail! I would still probably try it out over the weekend just to try it out though :P Annie you are amazing! I love all of your videos!! (I have watched every single one) :P <3

  7. It looks lovely!


  8. Nice combination and lovely accent


  9. I love it !!! Essie's Nailpolishes are so gorgeous.. and you too !!!