Friday Night

Hey everyone, right now I'm relaxing and looking through some pictures from Friday night's "festivities" lol. We took so many! I never use to take lots of pictures before but I think it's really worth it in the end. It's always nice looking back at fun times with your friends. You may notice (or not lol) that I look a little more tanned than usual, and its because I'm trying out a self tanner by l'Oreal called Sublime Bronze. So far so good! I'm planning on using it a couple more times to get a good sense of it, then I'll do a little review of it here on my blog, "sunshine in a bottle?" :)

This is what I wore on Friday. I wanted to wear something bright and picked out this neon green/yellow top by H&M and paired it with a chunky gold necklace from Aldo. My blazer is to die for! It's also by H&M but unfortunately you can't really see the detail in this picture. It's very structured and has amazing bold shoulders. It compliments the flowy top really well.

Dinner took place at Sushi Samba, a Japanese - Latin fusion restaurant. Definitely a fun place to check out if you visit New York. So delicious (and quite healthy)!
 Mixed Seaweed Salad & Tuna Tataki
(We also had Edamame to start & the Rock Shrimp Tempura with spicy mayo)
Samba Special Roll called "Ezo" along with some spicy tuna & salmon rolls
 My ladies! Emily and Kim


  1. yummy yummy :)


  2. That food looks gooood:D I like how you styled the bright top! whatrebeccasaid.blogspot.com xx

  3. snälla kan du visa hur den loreal selftanner ser ut?? och vad du tyccker om den

  4. mmmmmm that looks so yummy! And I love the colour of your top!

  5. veru beautiful!
    you really had fun!

  6. You should tell Kim to blog! I want to know what she used in her hair! It's really great when you have true and genuine friends..it shows even in pictures. :)