Comedy Night

My cheeks are hurting... and I can feel my abs got a work out :) I just came back from a really fun night out with my friends. Emily's cousin, Kim, is visiting from Holland (woot!) for 10 days so this weekend will be fun! We decided to go to a comedy show tonight and shows like this can either be a hit or miss. Thankfully it was a hit! We were seated RIGHT in front of the stage, and of course got picked on all night lol. The place was small and cozy with a real old hollywood feel. There were about 5 different comedians performing, each with their unique style. I liked the last performance the best because the comedian kept feeding off of the crowd and the jokes weren't "planned", so it was natural and flowed really well. 

I wore a black long-sleeve scoop-back top from Zara, with my favorite leather leggings from H&M. I love these two together because the flowy top really balances out the tough leather. I wore black suede booties along with my fur collar and a beige rain jacket. Kept my accessories minimal, with my rose gold Michael Kors watch and big diamond earrings.

My outfit of the night!

Before the show we had a drink and some hummus at the cafe next door, which was yum! 

Outside the Comedy Cellar

Kim and I 

I thought this was so cool! The tables were like mini chalkboards. 

Now its time for bed.. looking forward to this weekend! I'm filming tomorrow morning, yay! Thanks for being patient with the videos. Two are ready to be uploaded, just waiting for all the changes to be made to my channel first.

Goodnight! XOXO 


  1. looks amazing :)


  2. I love the comedy cellar. Best part is hanging out in the cafe, eyeballing the comedians in the back! :o)

  3. I really miss your videos! :/
    Can't wait to watch them all! :)

  4. Hey,
    is it the marc jacobs watch you wear?