Casual Friday

Hey everyone! I just came back from a lovely dinner with friend Emily - the one with the gorgeous green eyes :) We had sushi uptown at a really cute place that had a huge Buddha in it, similar to Buddha Bar, but more casual. Always love hanging out with her!

I wanted to do a proper outfit post but was really running late so I just snapped a quick picture before leaving. I recently got this gorgeous silver sequined top from Zara, which I paired with dark blue demins and classic white converse. Of course my new Aldo bag & fur collar go with me everywhere these days :)

Quick picture of my outfit before leaving

This was so exciting to see! My dads cousin is in the new NBC's show called SMASH. I watched the first episode on Monday and it's so good! I love the glamour of it. So in the pyramid of people shown, he's the 2nd one from the left (with dark hair). He plays Katherine McPhee's boyfriend 
 He used to perform in the broadway play Mama Mia in London for several years. So happy for him!

My dad's cousin, Raza Jaffrey on a NYC cab for SMASH! Woop!
Just taken :)
Now I'm back home & in the midst of getting ready for bed. Am exhausted from this week! Excited to sleep in tomorrow morning :) Any fun plans for the weekend? Let me know below! 

Hope everyone has a great night! 



  1. Hi This is Kes, really like the way you share beauty stuff with us, not as other youtubers, you are more likely to share tips related to how to keep healthy. I do think so, the best way to keep pretty is be healthy. Btw, like you outfit for today, so casual and lovely, I like how you match you clothes with converse sneakers! XOXO

  2. soo casual and pretty, love your beauty stuff an your cute outfits :)


  3. I love how you're posting everyday something new! :) You're so down to earth, and I love that sooo much! Hope you enjoyed your day :) Lots of Love from Europe! :) <3

  4. Cute outfit, it's a little glam and a little casual too. What kind of watch are you wearing?