The Story of Cosmetics

If you've been watching my videos for some time, you would know that I probably say the word "ingredients" quite a few times, well here is a video that agrees!

Here's a funny and informative video about the beauty care products we use today :)

Here's also a link to a podcast about aging gracefully, and if beauty products in fact help or not.

Health Matters: Anti-aging tips and losing middle-aged spread

It's definitely important to try to understand what these products contain, and their effect on our beauty and furthermore, their longterm effect on our health.

I try to use and speak about as many natural products as I can.

Try to look for products that are free of:
- parabens
- fragrances
- phthalates
- petro-chemicals
- dyes

I found a great blog called The Paraben Free Princess! She is awesome and gets into the ingredients used in beauty products and analyses them. Check it out: http://parabenfreeprincess.blogspot.com/

Let me know your favorite natural brands / products below!

xoxo Annie


  1. It's a year and a half that I stop using chemical products from drugstore and so on, and I'm using alla green and natural products. I also make most of the things I need by myself, I learnt how to make lotions, make up and other thing and my skin & hair have never been so healty and shiny! I'm so happy you make the decision to pay attention to the ingredients, most of the girls on the internet don't care at all and I think it's so wrong..we MUST know what we are putting on our skin!! Plus, natural products are not tested on animals, and this is a HUGE problem that most of the people don't care!
    Love you Annie :)

    1. hello marta could you tell me how you started doing your make up and all those tips!! I really want to start making wiser decisions in what i put in my skin hope you can answer and here's my email...!!! luissy.ariceaga@gmail.com

  2. Hey Annie =) So glad you posted about this. A few months ago I threw out all of my toxic makeup! This is one of my favorite videos. (The Story of Makeup.)

    I just started a youtube channel & blog about natural cosmetics & beauty products. =) I hope you will check out it! Totally awesome you're trying to incorporate natural makeup into your routine. Keep up the good work.

  3. If you want more info on healthy cosmetics you can check out EWG's Skin Deep, a directory of cosmetics with information about their ingredients! Here's the link: http://www.ewg.org/skindeep/