My Diet

"What does your diet consist of on a day to day basis?"

I'm not one of those lucky people that can eat whatever they want and not gain weight, so I really watch what I eat and I workout. I've never believed in weird diet fads (or simply not eating at all) because those methods may help you loose a few pounds fast, but you'll end up gaining it all back as soon as you stop dieting. The best way to go is to eat right and to move your body. Below is a list of foods I like to eat :) These are the ones I can think of right now, but if I remember others I'll go back and list them.

I try to start the day off with fresh juice (with fruits and veggies) then I might have either:
- whole wheat cereal with almond or coconut milk (I try to buy cereal as pure as possible, eg. shredded wheat - no sugar or additives)
- whole wheat toast with jam / turkey
- fruits like bananas, apples, oranges

Lunch / Dinner / Snacks that I make when I'm home:

- hummus with baby carrots / cucumber / peppers
- hummus with anything (love it!)
- whole wheat toast with avocado (sometimes also add smoked salmon)
- quinoi and pasta sauce with steamed broccoli, carrots & kale (I have a video on this)
- scrambled eggs, whole wheat toast, hummus, tomato
- whole wheat pasta with tomato sauce
- salads (all different types)
- sushi (with brown rice)

When I'm eating at a restaurant:
Since I don't eat out too much, when I do go out I eat pretty much anything. I obviously try to pick healthier choices, but if I feel like having a pizza or something with more carbs, I dont restrict myself. When I'm home and make food for myself, I make sure its healthy. So when I go out I don't really think about it too much. You have to have a balance :)

- water
- green tea
- fresh juice

The main thing I focus on when eating, is making sure its as PURE and unprocessed as possible (because that's just the way our body likes it!). It may seem bland or boring, but the payoff is pretty damn good :)

I get asked about this A LOT so I hope you guys find this helpful! ♥ 



  1. thanksssssssssss Annie :*

  2. Well, I am not fat but I think his it's gonna be so good for my body.
    You'll probably don't read this but I am a teenager and you have to know how much you helped me. In school I have to be always perfect (you know, going out with the perfect boy, take good marks...) and glamourous and you helped me a lot to find out lots of ways to be perfect, but actually to find out myself.
    Finally I wanna let you know that I am from Barcelona and that I am absolutly your fan <3

  3. It's inspiring how well you look after your body:) whatrebeccasaid.blogspot.com x

  4. Thanks for this post! It would be great if you could do more videos with recipes - I loved the quinoi and pasta sauce one that you did!

  5. This sounds really good, thanks i will give them a try. =)

  6. thank sound good :)


  7. Wow, this sounds really good! Makes me want to eat even healthier! I try to eat healthy, but sometimes it's hard when I'm not the one doing the cooking =/

    xoxo Rose


  8. Thank you Annie, you're adorable:)

  9. This is very similar to how I eat, most days, but there are always times when I just need to have some junk like cookies or M&Ms. It`s really great that you maintain this lifestyle though! You set a wonderful examples to all of the girls that watch your videos. Keep it up!:)

  10. Hi Annie! Thanks for the info! I just had a question: what do you suggest to eat before or after exercising? Like i heard its good to eat an orange after you exercise because of the sugar it has and that helps like give you energy and all but what other food is good to eat before and after exercising?

  11. Hi Annie! I just subscribed to your youtube channel and your blog because I love your makeup tutorials (especially babydoll). Do you have any before/after pics of your weight loss? I'd love to see your progress and how far you've come! xox

  12. Hi Annie, I just added your channel as well! You are so beautiful inside and outside, your going to help me change my life with weight loss and new hair updo's - even though mine is short - I have been trying to grow out my A line for about 3 years now =/-slowly but surely I will get there! Anyway I have a 6 month old baby girl and I am determined to be back to my 125-130 lbs before April, that would have given me 9 months since I had her and EVERYONE says give your self 9 months to get it off since it took 9 months to put on. I have about 10-15 lbs to go! I gained about 45 =/- But I had a very healthy baby! =) Anyway I try to do P90x BUT I get going and then I don't keep going. I walk sometimes- not as much as I should, but I do dance dance dance, when no one is looking =) I have had 0 soda the last 4 weeks about and I am seeing definate changes from that, I lost about 5 lbs alone =) I love salads, any other ideas?

  13. Great post.. I love reading about health and fitnes.. x

  14. These all look like great healthy options:) I love hummus with pretty much anything as well! I love that you focus on the importance of drinking WATER because it is so important for healthy skin and body function. Great post!

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