Hugs from Geneva!

It feels so good to be home with my family! I'll be flying back to New York next week and I'm excited for all the great things to come in 2012. I have added quite a few goals to my list for this year. One including to take more photos! Time seems to fly by faster than ever these days, and one of the things I love the most is looking back at pictures of fun times. I'll be sharing a lot more on my blog this year which I'm excited for :)

New videos will of course be coming up too! They just take longer to create, so if you haven't seen a new video in a while check in on my blog for updates. As always feel free to send me video requests (I have started my list of ones to do when I get back lol).

And before I have PETA at my door, the jacket is faux fur! :)

My mom and I were driving through this beautiful area by my house yesterday and the lighting was just gorgeous, so we stopped to take some pictures. 
Credits to my mom for the beautiful photography!

Faux Fur Jacket - Forever 21, Cardigan & Jeans - H&M
Rose Gold Watch, Michael Kors 

Back in the car :)


I wish everyone an amazing 2012!



  1. I love the las B&W picture of you, you have a gorgeous smile and look really happy in that picture!!! I think it's a good resolution, I'm gonna do it too! =)

    xoxo Rose


  2. I agree 100% with Rose, and I think I might take on this resolution to take more photos as well. Since I finished school 2 years ago my photo albums on my computer have been really empty, and one day I'm sure I'll miss that I don't have many photos that documented who I was when I was younger.

    Thanks for the idea! xx


  3. You and your mother make a a good team! Beautiful pictures and view!