Having It All :)

I've always been a strong believer in positive thinking, dreaming big and doing things I LOVE everyday. The movie, "The Secret", is one of those powerful movies that can really change your life.

You can also convert this into an audio file and listen to it on the go.

The Secret Summarized
  1. The first step is to think and imagine great things for your life. Make a vision board, dream big! (Good health, love, money, happiness etc) We attract what we think.
  2. Then begin to listen for signs and/or ideas on how you can create these dreams. (I get a lot of ideas when I'm relaxed in the shower.) 
  3. Now, act upon them. These little ideas will lead to others and before you know it you are living your dream. 

 Some of my favorite quotes from the movie

  • Whatever is going on in your mind is what you are attracting
  • Life can and should be phenomenal .. and it will be when you consciously apply the Law of Attraction 
  • "All that we are is a result of what we have thought" - Buddha
  • Set a goal so big that if you achieved it, it would blow your mind 

You have to know your worth and believe that everything you want is possible



  1. yeey :)


  2. Here are some of my gems:
    When you visualize, you materialize.
    Your mind can't distinguish between a real experience and one vividly imagined.
    Most people have a goal of getting out of debt, that will keep you in debt.
    You just can't want more money and focus on not having enough. Wealth is a mindset.
    What you focus on is what you get.
    Your thoughts, feelings and emotions will manifest in your life.

    Things to do:
    - Start with gratitude: make a list
    - Visualize
    - Imagine that you've already reached your goal

  3. thank you a lot sharing this movie with us. must see it immediately ;)

  4. I belive in Secret since I read a book. When i watch this movie I belive in it even more. A lot of people don't trust in it and don't belive:( But thinking positive make beautiful live. You are my inspiration Annie;) I watch yours video from one year fast everyday again and again:) Before I didn't know that you know Secret too and when I see this on Your Blog I was so happy that You belive like me:) Love from Poland! Karolina<3

  5. Amazing video Annie ! Thank you for posting it. God bless you xo


  6. Amazing video! i have read the book but this was amazing... loved laying in bed watching every minute of it! x

  7. Annie, you inspire me so much everyday! Thank you so so much!

  8. I found the movie The Secret in french, & since I bought the book "the secret" and "the power" !! it is so inspiring!! I love the category Inspirational on your blog !! much love Annie :) <3

  9. "Set a goal so big that if you achieved it, it would blow your mind" - I love that one :)