Happy Friday

Happy Friday everyone! Last night we made the most delicious grilled chicken fajitas. We wanted to make it as fresh as possible so we headed to the grocery store and got some green salad, tomatoes, avocados, fresh cheddar, whole wheat wraps and grilled rotisserie chicken. It only took us a few minutes to prepare and was so satisfying.

And of course had to get some hummus lol 

Car pic ♥ This furry hat seriously saves my head from the cold every winter. It's my baby!  

Tonight we are going to the movies and later might be heading to a club called This is London, looks pretty! This is also the first weekend of "Winterlicious" in Toronto (like Restaurant Week in New York) so we're currently researching where to go. If you live in Toronto, what's your favorite restaurant? Let me know below!

I hope everyone has a fabulous friday! 



  1. yummy yummy :)


  2. your sooo stunning! love your simple make up with pink lips.