Fashion Haul & Toronto Tomorrow!

Hi everyone! Just uploaded my latest video which features some new clothing items I've picked up recently. As said in the video, I am going to be extra smart about clothes shopping this year. I want to focusing on buying key pieces that will act as staples in my wardrobe :) Will keep you updated on that!

I think my favorite purchase are these beige suede booties! Too cute.

Tomorrow I'm flying to Toronto for the week! I am super excited :) I'll be there visiting my close friend and will try make a little vlog while I'm there. I'll also upload some pictures up of my trip to my blog. I know I have viewers and readers from Toronto so just want to give you all a little shout out and tell you I'm excited to come to your city!

Waking up really early tomorrow to pack and get my stuff organized. Now I'm off to bed! Hope everyone had a great day :)



  1. Omg i love the suede boots, they look so comfi! I really love watchin your video's, you look so kind to me, and it's really fun to listen to you. Thumbs up for every video that you make, and keep on going! Really nice that you're travelling this much, i wish i could...
    Xoxo from the Netherlands! (Europe)

  2. The boots are sooo nice!
    I wanna buy these tomorrow. :-)


  3. I live in Toronto :) bring some warm clothes!! Its kinda cold here :((

  4. Love it all, girly.

    P.s. - I tagged you in Blogger tag! Check it out... http://bit.ly/yfpUed

    Xo Ange

    1. Thanks for tagging me! Will try doing it soon :) xoxo

  5. My favorite look for several years now has been shorts with black tights:

    Can't express how much I love this look and it's my go-to quick outfit most of the time. During the winter all I do is just replace my flats with booties and a long winter coat and I am set.

    I too have been trying to stock up on key wardrobe pieces. I am slowly ridding my closet of items I know I will never wear but I have been holding onto for awhile, to make room for new items that I will use time and time again.

  6. heeeey annie :) You should do a video or post talking about your shaving :) xoxoxo <3

  7. yeah, just recognized I bought the same jacket last friday :D looove it :)