Bag Love

After class today I went into Aldo do have a look around and saw this gorgeous black leather messenger bag, called the "Kessell" on sale for $39.90! 
It was love at first sight 

This bag is great because it has a long strap so I can wear it across my body, depending on what look I'm going for. 
And the interior is also leopard skin, woop!

Here's a close up of the beautiful gold hardware detail and the furskin material on the top.

It's so nice to find things you LOVE and know you'll wear a ton of times, AND have them be on sale! Good day :)

Now I'm off to my last class off the day! Hope everyone has a great night :)



  1. Aldo actually has pretty cute bags if you catch them at the right time!! This makes me want to go get another versatile school bag... :(

  2. cute bag!

  3. i really like your blog! maybe we could follow each others?

  4. Good choice Annie! This bag looks very nice!

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