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1. What is your favorite inspirational quote, book, movie, song or saying?

2. What gift you would like to win? Or if you don't mind, you can put that too 
(ex. Gift 1 / Gift 2 / either)

1 one winner will be chosen from this video’s comments
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TWO winners = more chance of winning!

Wednesday December 14th

Sunday December 18th (at the end of Sunday) 12am EST time (NEW YORK TIME)

Winners will be announced on FACEBOOK & TWITTER

You will also be contacted via YOUTUBE private message, so make sure to check for it Monday (19th). Message me back with your full name & mailing address, so I can send out your prize!

If winners do NOT respond within 24 hours, new winners will be chosen.


(There will be many more giveaways to come so don't be sad if you don't win this time!) 

Thank you all for making 2011 an amazing year for me! xoxo

Disclaimer: ALL items / products for giveaway were purchased with my own money. 


  1. Wow I just came across your blog, its great! Im following :)

  2. Oh I just read in your interview that you are born in Sweden, cool so am I ! x

  3. Hey Annie! Such a cute idea you're doing.

    I would have to say the most inspirational song to me is the band New Radical's song "You Get What You Give". They were around in the late 90's, and I'm positive if you heard it, you'd know exactly what song I'm talking about. The song is basically telling you that no matter what goes wrong in life, even if the world as you know it is falling apart, giving it everything you have - you'll be okay. Even if you think you've given 100% and life keeps going miserable, you still have more to give. Never giving up on yourself is message behind this song and it's done so in an alternative rock genre.

    And the gift? Hm - I'd definitely have to say gift 1! (Naked Palette) I need to practice while watching your videos. For the past few years I've kind of let myself go... not wearing much make-up, just throwing my hair up and not really caring about what I wore. It wasn't until I found your youtube videos that I was inspired to head to the gym, take care of myself better, and definitely care about my appearance! Every little bit would help in making this happen.

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  5. I love your make up in this vid!

  6. ‎"no act of kindness no matter how small is ever wasted, you can help everyone but you can help someone" i love pink in the afternoon:)

  7. i really love this quote 'I dont mind living in a mans world, as long as i can be a woman in it'

  8. you are sooo pretty and your blog is awesome! <3

  9. Heyyyy Annie, whrn are you going to do another give away, so I can be in it.... do you any the stores that will sell those products here in Honduras....