How I Stay Positive & Motivated ♥ (Life & Health)

Hi everyone! Here is a very requested video, I hope you find it helpful & enjoyable :) Comment and let me know down below!

Check out the comments on this video for inspiration! AMAZING :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wKyMOrzgUEA 

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I appreciate all of you!

XOXO ♥ Annie


  1. u are an ispiration for me, u are so beautiful and solar, so sweet a lot of kisses from italy:D i love u so much^^

  2. I love your blog! I started watching your videos on youtube, especially the ones about health and eating, its really kicked my butt and got me into gear! thanks for sharing your ideas, please do share more health related posts, i love them. I write a blog too, I have an autoimmune disease so feeling beautiful can sometimes really be a challenge, and im starting to feel better learning from others too. Please do check mine out too if ever u get the chance :) http://www.islandmeetscity.com/2012/01/feel-beautiful-autoimmune-condition/ and if ever, id love to hear your opinions on what you think people with chronic illness can do in terms of beauty i'd love that, of course credited to you :)Big hugs from the Philippines/Australia xoxox Lariana

  3. hi Annie,

    I just discovered you and your videos on Youtube, I liked your beauty advice and now I am loving even more your energy and your love for healthy living! I did a raw juice fast for 7 days and it was great. My issue is that I seem to easily go back to my old ways. I am really loving your inspiration and want to be my most beautiful and natural self. Thank you and I really hope to see more and learn more from you soon! _Paula Boston- MA

  4. You are just an amazing person ! I know you hear that all the time but you said that it was a motivation for you to read our comments so there it is : you are an inspiration for so many of us . When I'm not in a good day , I look at your blog and then I tell myself that if I want to do it I will beceause I can ! So thank you so much :) I think you've changed a lot of girl's lifes ! Please say thank you to your parents for raising such a good person :D ! Sorry for my English I don't know how good your Frech is (I'm sure it's perfert :D) so I tried my best :D Big Kisses from Belgium :*

    P.S. I LOVE your Health and Diet posts !

  5. Hi Annie!
    I just wanted to tell you that you are my biggest motivation!You are beautiful and your change makes me motivate and helped me to start my own diet!
    Thank you again!!

  6. You should become a motivational speaker :-) MUCH LOVE XOXO

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  10. Your videos motivate us alot. You are inspiration for me really. Your blog really made my day when i was not in a good mood. I have health issues but i forgot everything after watching your posts :)