November 18, 2011

My Acne Cure!

I have been loving The Regimen products from! I have had such great success using them so I wanted to share them with you (not sponsored).

I used to suffer from really bad skin about two years ago, and thankfully I was able to fight it. Unfortunately, I still got stubborn blemishes on my forehead and jaw area. I heard SO many amazing reviews about these products so I decided to give them a try, AND OH MY!! So happy I did. I've been doing "the regimen" for about two months and my stubborn blemishes are completely gone. I still get one or two now and then, but not nearly as much as before!

- Regimen Kit
- Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation (Honey Beige)
- Korres Quercetin and Oak Primer
- Earth Science Eye Makeup Remover
- Dermalogica PreCleanse
- Neutrogena Makeup Remover Wipes (Calming Night)
- Moroccan & Jojoba Oil

Main Website: 

Some More TIPS for Clear Skin:
- Remember the food you eat WILL affect your skin! ☺ Eat healthy & your skin will glow!      
- Lots of sleep is vital for good skin 
- Fill your life with happiness and it will shine through (stress is huge cause of many problems!)
- Remember to always use clean makeup brushes for your face

Lots of love!
xoxo Annie


  1. hi, when you said you had stubborn acne on your forehead and chin are you referring to blackheads and clogged pores? little flesh bumps on your skin? because i have the same thing and i was wondering if the regimen cured that for you or was it just regular whitehead pimples. i would love a response thanks! love your chanel

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  5. I hate those pesky pimples on my forhead and even in my 20s I still used tro have them, and it was absolutely a drag! I've tried a whole bunch of different ance products, however, the only thing that worked what the Grapefruit Glycolic Wash from Made from Earth. I think the organic products work better for me in general.

    I use this Grapefruit Wash from Made from Earth daily because it really does swipe off oil and daily debris from your face. It doens't strip away all the oil from your face, so it doens't dry your skin, but removes just the top layer of oil. Second, I really really love the smell of hte pink grapefruit. COmpared to other ance products, this one smells the best.

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  7. Hey Annie, are you still using the products or did you stop after your acne cleared up? Your skin looks great by the way - congrats! :)

  8. I decided to give them a try, AND OH MY!! So happy I did. I've been doing acne no more book secrets "the regimen" for about two months and my stubborn blemishes are completely gone.

  9. I use this particular Grapefruit Wash through Produced from World everyday as it really does swipe away from acrylic and everyday trash from the confront. The idea doens't remove all the acrylic from the confront, so it doens't dry Garcinia cambogia your skin, nevertheless removes only the highest level connected with acrylic. Minute, I really love the aroma connected with hte white grapefruit. When compared to some other ance products, this one aromas the top.