I ♥ Raw Juice

Hi everyone! I am so excited about this video because I really do believe that eating healthy and treating your body right is the way to a beautiful and healthy life.

Nourishing your body allows it to perform at its best! 

When your body is nourished, it can do all its "duties" better. You have more energy, more vitamins, more power. 

A healthy diet will have a positive affect on your:

- beauty
- aging
- memory
- digestive system
- healthy weight management 
- immune system 
- happiness 
- overall well being 

It can also help cure diseases that many people have to fight these days. Help your body help you :)

(Open to read more!)

As mentioned in my video, there are no set recipes in juicing, just do some research & experiment! :)

Ingredients used to make my juice:
- celery
- cucumber (1/2)
- carrots (2)
- beets (2)
- kale
- spinach
- apple (1)
- lemon (2)
- ginger

The juicer I own is called the Breville Juice Fountain Plus. I did a lot of research before I bought it, and it is the best one I found for the price! I love it and I do recommend it for those of you who are interested in starting juicing.

Here are some vegetables that are great to add to your juice!

Greens with super antioxidants & vitamins:
- collard greens
- spinach
- cilantro
- celery
- cucumber

For a sweet taste add:
- carrots
- apples
- grapes
- beets

For extra taste (and immune strengthener) add:
- lemon (also a natural preservative to help keep juice fresh)
- ginger

Life Regenerator "Dan the Man"


Frequently Asked Questions

I've gotten so many great questions from this video. Sorry I can't answer each one but I've put together some below that I think are useful for everyone.


Emma Jean (Facebook):
Thank you so much for the video on juicing! I was wondering though: is it super expensive to do? I mean can us poor college students afford it. How often do you have to go grocery shopping for it? Do you eat to when you juice or are you just outlying juicing now? Thanks! :)

Yes I do eat other food too, otherwise I'd be withering away lol. As for the price, it is obviously more expensive than eating a hamburger, pasta or pizza, but eating healthy is one thing I spend money on because its something my body needs and depends on for a great & healthy life. There's a saying "you can either pay for it now, or pay for it later" as in rather spend the money on eating healthy, than on medical bills and medicine when you're 50 and suffering from all types of problems. With that said, I don't think it costs any astronomical amounts of money to juice either. And juicing can help you avoid so many other costly things like, if you suffer from terrible skin/ hair loss/ you get sick easily / depression / constant migraines - juice can cure all these symptoms whereas if you didn't take the preventative method, you'd be buying all those medicines to cure all those other problems, you know what I mean? Rather prevent and live nourished and thriving, than pick up the pieces of an unhealthy body & mind.. But that's just my opinion :) Thanks for your comment love! xoxo Annie


Honestly, does that taste good??

yes!!! :) The first time I ever tried fresh veggie juice, I thought it was horrible! But the second time I drank it, I started to appreciate it, and my taste buds totally changed. I now crave it :) 


If u put in the fridge and drink it cold will it lost all the vitamins?

As long as you add lemon to your juice, you can keep it up to 3 days. But of course, it is best consumed right away! :)


So the only thing you eat/drink is 2 cups of this each day? please answer :)

Not at all lol, I eat other food of course! But when I said "I have 2 glasses and I'm set for the rest of the day" I mean I dont have to think about eating more food with lots of vitamins to get my daily 5. It's like when you workout in the morning, you don't have to think about it for the rest of the day :) xoxo 


Hi Annie! Beautiful video!! Is there a way to use the solid vegatables that are separated from the juice? Maybe use them as a dressing for a salad? Thank you :)

Yes definitely! You can research online what to do with the leftovers, I know you can use it in a few recipes. And if you have a garden, you can use it as a natural compost :) Dan from the liferegenerator usually has some good ideas on what to do with it :) xoxo


Do you have to peel oranges/lemons etc... before you put them in the juicer? I would love this!

I always peel my oranges and lemons, anything that has a thick skin, otherwise the juice will be very bitter. Everything else, just make sure you wash it thoroughly under water


This looks great... but don't you think it's better to make smoothies? that way you get the fiber from the veggies as well?

You can't really putt leafy greens in a smoothy, but smoothies are great for soft fruit (I sometimes make a breakfast smoothie with banana, mixed berries, peach, greek vanilla yogurt, milk - YUM) but with juicing you really need to extract the liquid (vitamins) from the solid part. 


Some of my favorite comments!

I love Dan.. been subscribed to him for over a year, that is how I got into jucing. Its been life changing for me. I used to be chronically anemic and on the verge of needing regular blood transfusions. I got into jucing and I've never been healthier.

I do this! It feels so good knowing that you're taking care of your body. I'm only 16 and I've been, "juicing" for about a year now. You can definitely tell a difference in your skin, hair and looks in general. :)

My mom got a juicer 2 weeks ago and i've been drinking juice for breakfast everyday and OMG MY ACNE HAS LITERALLY DISAPPEARED! I love it, my skin is so clear and I swear my acne scars are fading faster too!

Annie, you are getting me on the ball to do this! I am for sure investing in a quality juicer & getting into this now. Thank you for inspiring me to do this, I think it will make a huge difference for my health because I'm very deficient in nutrients because of celiac disease. I'm excited to feel better! <3 Shannon

Life Regenerator (himself!):
That was an awesome video Annie! You are very talented! Keep up the great work you have inspired me! Thanks for the shout out! Let's stay in touch and do that collaboration video for people to understand real way to create beauty! Be blessed! BTW I am not 'kinda' crazy... I am TOTALLY CRAZY! ;-)
Love ya,

Thanks for all of your questions and positive feedback!!

XOXO Annie


  1. Thanks so much for sharing! X

  2. thank you so much! I have been using honey on my face because of you, working out more, eating better, I started eating kale too! You are my favourite YouTuber! x

  3. Hi Annie, I had a question about the beets, do u use completely raw beets or you boil them before juicing to soften up? also do u peel them?

    Thanks and that was an inspiration, I can actually use this juice as a post-workout recovery drink!

  4. Do you have other nice recepies? xxx from Holland

  5. I just went out and bought a juicer after watching your video on you tube. I LOOVE it! I will definitely be juicing it up everyday. I am giving up coffee for tea and raw juice! :) Thank you so much for being such a great inspiration to me and many others! :D xox <3

  6. Delicious jummy!!!! I love juices!!!

  7. ps. I love your blog and your youtube channel

  8. Hi! I LOVE this juice thank you! <3
    but I have a question I noticed I'm getting pimples after I started drinking it (I didn't have any before), is this juice helping my body to get rid of it? or am I doing something wrong?


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