How to: Healthy, Shiny, Long Hair!

Hi lovely!

This is a video explaining some of the things I do to keep my hair soft, shiny, HEALTHY, and some ways to make it grow a little faster. I hope you enjoy!

Products Mentioned:
- L'Oreal EverSleek Shampoo

- Carol's Daughter Monoi Oil Shampoo
- Olive, Jojoba, Almond, Coconut & Moroccan Oil
- Conair Paddle Brush
- Boar Bristle Brush (Mason Pearson)
- Multivitamin, Fish Oil, Biotin

More helpful tips:  
  • DIET is a very important factor in having healthy hair! Eat a balanced diet with lots of fruit & veggies 
  • Try to drink as much WATER as you can (you might have to run to the bathroom every hour - BUT it's worth it!!)
  • Avoid using a lot of heat in your hair. (Your hair is naturally beautiful girl!)
  • Get a lot of sleep & don't stress out too much (this causes grey hairs & fall out - eek!)
  • Only wash your hair every 3-4 days (The oils are good for your hair - kinda gross but it will get less greasy over time)
  • When you wash your hair, focus most of the massaging on the scalp, as that is what needs cleaning. Let the shampoo just run through the rest of your hair.

What I have on in this video 
LIPSTICK: A hint of "Love that Red" by Revlon
NAIL POLISH: "Nude Now" by Sally Hansen

DRESS: Forever 21

Thanks for watching! 
xoxo Annie


  1. I definitely cannot only wash my hair every 3-4 days! my hair is super oily and always has been. I have to wash it everyday- sometimes I go every other day, but even that is pushing it! By the end of the second day my hair will end up really greasy and its really embarrassing! I tried dry shampoo but they never seem to take away enough oil!

  2. mg means milligrams! It is a unit of measurement!!!

  3. I decided to try only washing my hair every 3 or 4 days and the results have been amazing! Before I could hardly go 2 days without my hair being super oily, but then I learned that the reason for that was because I was always stripping my hair of its natural oils. Now my hair is barely oily at 4 days and I deep condition it like Annie suggested and my hair looks and feels so much better even without me styling it:) Thank you Annie!