My Weight Loss Story ♡

When I was loosing weight, I also kept thinking, "Every step counts, every step counts" because it really does!

That helped motivate me to walk places instead of drive. Helped me workout. Helped me burn extra calories. So try that as well!

Also, try to give up something that you feel is not good for you (eg. chocolate/white bread) for a certain amount of time.

And ask your friend or family member to do it with you so you have support (and you can make it into a BET, and have it be something really bad if you loose it lol - that should keep you motivated!)

At the end of the day, its about being HEALTHY (not skinny) whatever that weight is for you. Dont compare yourself to other people, do what is best for YOU! :)

For disclaimer purposes:
Before embarking on any major change in diet or exercise you must consult your local physician. These methods are the ones which work for MY body, my health and well being. But of course, they may differ from person to person.

Thanks for Watching! XOXO