February 6, 2015

My Trip To Thailand! Part One

Woop my first vlog from Chiang Mai, Thailand! I've had so many incredible experiences and moments since I've been here. I've filmed lots of vlog style videos which I am editing together, and next planning on doing a sit-down video talking with you one on one, answering some questions I've received recently. I hope you've been enjoying my Instagram posts from here :) I will soon be uploading some photos to the blog as well. Sending all of those who are stuck in cold weather lots of sunshine and warmth! Hope you're all doing great ♥

New Video Coming Up!

Hi everyone! I hope you're all doing really well. I've been having such an incredible time in Thailand, I sometimes have to pinch myself to realize I'm actually here. I'm just in the midst of uploading a new video and realized I hadn't posted my latest ones here on my blog. So here they are below for those who might have missed them :) You can keep up with me on my Instagram for more frequent updates and posts :) Excited to show you around Chiang Mai! XOXO

LIFE UPDATE (Why I Moved From Dubai, Going to Thailand...)

GENEVA VLOG (Day In The Mountains, New Haircut, Vegan Sushi)

December 27, 2014

In The Mountains

Hi beautiful ♥ Hope you guys are doing great! Yesterday my friend and I drove up to a place in the mountains called Salève - it's about a 30 minute drive from the main city of Geneva. It was so breathtakingly beautiful! It felt like we were on top of the world haha the view was so epic :) Although it was gorgeous, it was FREEZING but it was so worth it! I brought some juicy persimmons with me which we shared whilst overlooking the view of Geneva (last picture). If you guys ever visit Geneva, this is definitely a place to see! And for those who might be wondering, my jacket is from Zara = purchased last year but they have similar in stores now. The hood is of course faux fur :) XOXO

It was kind of surreal being up there, felt like I was looking at a painting! 
Can you spot the fountain at the bottom? What an amazing view :)

December 25, 2014

A Few Favorites! (Essential Oils, Rice Cooker, Rich Roll..)

Hi everyone! Merry Christmas :) I hope everyone is spending a beautiful day with loved ones ♥ I have a new video up for you that I filmed a few days ago when I was in Spain! I share some of my current favorite things with you - it's a bit of a random compilation haha but nonetheless things I've been loving :) I am now in Geneva, Switzerland with my mom and her adorable triplets who are almost 8! They're amazing and growing so fast :) Hope you're all doing well! XOXO

December 10, 2014

The Fear of “Being Healthy” (Deprivation, Costs, Binge Eating, Detox...)

Hello everyone! I uploaded a new video yesterday talking about something I hear coming up over and over again about this fear around living a "healthy lifestyle". Fear of feeling deprived, fear of it being expensive, fear of binge eating. I also address some fears around the plant based lifestyle like fear of eating carbs, fear of gaining weight, fear of detox etc.. Hopefully this covers some of your questions / concerns which I've been asked about recently. To those worried about feeling judged or "different" after adopting a plant based lifestyle, you have trust yourself, be your own bff, trust your intuition and your heart. Know that everyone who's living a high carb low fat plant based lifestyle is thriving - and thriving long term! Please don't give into negativity or criticism from others or let it stir you away from living a fulfilling life - those who truly love you will support you and your new kick ass lifestyle! The same holds true for other areas of your life, DO YOU and always believe in yourself - the right people will come along. Hope you enjoy the video!! XOXO

December 4, 2014

Dubai Meet Up & Fruit Luck

Hi everyone! For all those living in Dubai, I will be doing a meet up & fruit luck next Saturday December 13th! Watch the video below to find out more details 

December 2, 2014

New Video! Makeup, Outfit & New Vegan Bag

Hi everyone! Hope you're all doing well If you still come here to check my blog from time to time, thank you :) I know I don't post on here too much, but I love having this place to write when I'm feeling inspired and to share more detailed information. I also like writing these little "intros" to my new videos and connecting with you guys on a different platform. Today's video is on how I currently do my makeup and which products I'm using. As a lot of you may know, I totally changed up my lifestyle earlier on this year - including the makeup products I was using. I've been asked to do an "updated" makeup video so here it is :) It varies slightly each time of course (sometimes I play up my eyes more with a liquid liner from 100%PureCosmetics.com) but the rest of the products are pretty much standard these days :) So happy I found a good set of things to use now that perform really well and I know they're not harmful to my body, the environment or the animals. I also show you my new handbag which I've been in love with :) It's from a brand called Matt & Nat and it's made from vegan leather, and the interior is made with 100% recycled plastic bottles - how cool! I love companies (and people) who think outside the box and are making a positive impact on this world. Anyway I hope you enjoy the video and maybe find some inspiration for new products, or techniques when doing your makeup! XOXO

November 24, 2014

INTERVIEW: Criticism, Positivity, Veganism, YouTube

Hi everyone! A few weeks ago I met up with a lovely viewer from Florida named Fiorella. She emailed me asking if I'd have time to meet during her upcoming trip to Dubai, and if I could do an interview for her blog, Metanoia Living. I checked out her blog and she seemed like such a sweet and inspiring soul! The meeting was set :) We had lunch at this gorgeous little place called Comptoir 102 in Jumierah - another viewer's recommendation actually :) Definitely a lovely place to check out if you are in Dubai! I had such a great time connecting with her, and answering her questions for the interview about everything from dealing with criticism, how to start a healthy lifestyle, advice for staying positive, my passion for a plantbased lifestyle etc.. The interview is now up on her blog and you can check it out here!

Fiorella and I out for lunch a few weeks ago in Dubai