December 10, 2014

The Fear of “Being Healthy” (Deprivation, Costs, Binge Eating, Detox...)

Hello everyone! I uploaded a new video yesterday talking about something I hear coming up over and over again about this fear around living a "healthy lifestyle". Fear of feeling deprived, fear of it being expensive, fear of binge eating. I also address some fears around the plant based lifestyle like fear of eating carbs, fear of gaining weight, fear of detox etc.. Hopefully this covers some of your questions / concerns which I've been asked about recently. To those worried about feeling judged or "different" after adopting a plant based lifestyle, you have trust yourself, be your own bff, trust your intuition and your heart. Know that everyone who's living a high carb low fat plant based lifestyle is thriving - and thriving long term! Please don't give into negativity or criticism from others or let it stir you away from living a fulfilling life - those who truly love you will support you and your new kick ass lifestyle! The same holds true for other areas of your life, DO YOU and always believe in yourself - the right people will come along. Hope you enjoy the video!! XOXO

December 4, 2014

Dubai Meet Up & Fruit Luck

Hi everyone! For all those living in Dubai, I will be doing a meet up & fruit luck next Saturday December 13th! Watch the video below to find out more details 

December 2, 2014

New Video! Makeup, Outfit & New Vegan Bag

Hi everyone! Hope you're all doing well If you still come here to check my blog from time to time, thank you :) I know I don't post on here too much, but I love having this place to write when I'm feeling inspired and to share more detailed information. I also like writing these little "intros" to my new videos and connecting with you guys on a different platform. Today's video is on how I currently do my makeup and which products I'm using. As a lot of you may know, I totally changed up my lifestyle earlier on this year - including the makeup products I was using. I've been asked to do an "updated" makeup video so here it is :) It varies slightly each time of course (sometimes I play up my eyes more with a liquid liner from but the rest of the products are pretty much standard these days :) So happy I found a good set of things to use now that perform really well and I know they're not harmful to my body, the environment or the animals. I also show you my new handbag which I've been in love with :) It's from a brand called Matt & Nat and it's made from vegan leather, and the interior is made with 100% recycled plastic bottles - how cool! I love companies (and people) who think outside the box and are making a positive impact on this world. Anyway I hope you enjoy the video and maybe find some inspiration for new products, or techniques when doing your makeup! XOXO

November 24, 2014

INTERVIEW: Criticism, Positivity, Veganism, YouTube

Hi everyone! A few weeks ago I met up with a lovely viewer from Florida named Fiorella. She emailed me asking if I'd have time to meet during her upcoming trip to Dubai, and if I could do an interview for her blog, Metanoia Living. I checked out her blog and she seemed like such a sweet and inspiring soul! The meeting was set :) We had lunch at this gorgeous little place called Comptoir 102 in Jumierah - another viewer's recommendation actually :) Definitely a lovely place to check out if you are in Dubai! I had such a great time connecting with her, and answering her questions for the interview about everything from dealing with criticism, how to start a healthy lifestyle, advice for staying positive, my passion for a plantbased lifestyle etc.. The interview is now up on her blog and you can check it out here!

Fiorella and I out for lunch a few weeks ago in Dubai 

November 18, 2014

My First 5K Run Experience!

Hi everyone, hope you're all doing well  I have a new video up sharing my experience on my first ever 5K run I did last week! It was such a great experience and I definitely recommend it to those who might be curious about it, or feel like challenging themselves in a new way. I was a bit hesitant to sign up for it at first because I didn't want to put a "pressure" on myself to run it in a certain time - but I think 5 km is a really doable distance - you can challenge yourself without feeling super exhausted by the end. I posted a picture on Instagram after the run and seems like a lot of you have also run a 5K before which was really cool to see. Feel free to share your experiences in the comments below. Hope you enjoy the video! XOXO

If you’re into running, check out videos by DurianRider and Mike Arnstein (TheFrutarian on YT)! 

Saucony Ride 7 Shoes I wore:

Oh and an oil-free salad dressing I've been making recently has been the 3-2-1 dressing by Jane Esselstyn - thanks Jay from PlantbasedAthlete for sharing this delicious recipe! It's basically 3 parts balsamic vinegar (I use lemon juice instead), 2 parts mustard (I like Dijon) and 1 part maple syrup. I'm not too precise on the measurements of each - just pour a little of each in until desired taste. Definitely give this a try, it is super good! 

Oh and another thing I forgot to mention is the "Garmin 310XT" which I'm planning on getting soon. It tracks your distance, pace, heart rate etc to help keep you on track. You can find it here:

November 10, 2014

Why Vegan Diet is the Best Diet For Weight Loss

Kerry McCarpet's channel on YouTube is one of my most favorite when it comes to understanding the science behind a plant-based lifestyle in an easy comprehendible way. She's got a really great relaxed, funny, thought provoking style and I always feel like I've learnt something after watching a videos of hers. I've left links to her channel in my resource page and under my videos, but thought I'd share her most recent one here on my blog, on why a vegan diet is the best diet for weight loss. I found it really interesting and agree with a lot of points she made on not feeding yourself properly - thus reaching for other foods like cookies or chips to feel satisfied. I remember being really strict on myself at one point, but then eventually I'd get these cravings for cookies - although they were the "healthier organic" kind, I could eat up the whole pack in one go. Lack of nutrition and satisfaction is the problem. I've been eating this way for about 9 months now, and I haven't had one craving for chips, cookies, cupcakes, ice cream etc.. not one! I am so fully nourished now with the right foods that my body just doesn't react when I see those other unhealthy foods. It is truly the most liberating lifestyle for so many reasons stemming from weight loss to high energy to increased awareness and spirituality - the list goes on and on. Anyway I hope you enjoy this video and definitely check out her other ones for more information and inspiration! XOXO

November 8, 2014

Your Questions, Answered! Two Part Q&A Video

Hi everyone  Hope you're all having a nice relaxing weekend! I have two new videos up on my channel featuring some questions you guys have asked me these last few weeks. I compiled them up from Instagram, YouTube comments, Tumblr, emails etc.. Feel free to leave other questions below and I will get to them in the next video! Oh and p.s. I ran my first ever 5k yesterday woop! I will be making a video about my experience soon - but it was really great and I completed in a time I was happy with :) Hope you enjoy this videos! XOXO

October 30, 2014

Natural Makeup Haul feat. Alima Pure!

Hello beautiful! I have a new video up today featuring some awesome new goodies from Alima Pure. They were so kind to send me some of their products to try out and they are beautiful. I discovered the brand a few months ago when searching for natural cosmetics and I was really pleased with their formulations. Their Satin Matte Foundation, for instance, only contains 4 ingredients (one of which is Zinc Oxide, which can actually help with calming inflammation so it's great for acne prone skin types). It's been my go-to foundation these last few weeks and I love the feel of it. It's very light but definitely provides buildable coverage. It's the foundation I have on in the video and I think it does a pretty good job concealing the blemishes I have going on at the moment. If you have sensitive or acne-prone skin, I would definitely recommend looking into natural beauty products. Conventional makeup is unfortunately loaded with harmful ingredients (not only for our skin, but also our bodies - 60% to 70% of what we put on our skin gets absorbed into our blood stream), and there are lots of great alternatives out there for everything from foundation to lipsticks to mascaras to blushes. You can learn more about this from the book I mention called The Green Beauty Guide by Julie Gabriel.

I get asked if I wear makeup everyday and the answer is definitely no :) I love wearing makeup on occasion, but day to day I leave my skin bare and if I feel like it, I glam up my eyes using mascara, liner and some concealer. But it's great having natural mineral products to use when desired, without worrying about the ingredients used :) Hope you enjoy the video! XOXO

Products Mentioned:
  • Lip Tint in Sweet Pea
  • Satin Matte Foundation (Warm 4) 
  • Brushes: Angle Liner Brush (33), Foundation Brush (25), Kitten Brush (23)
  • Natural Definition Eye Pencil: Coffee, Ink
  • Natural Definition Mascara
  • Eyeshadows: Flashback, Silk, Vertigo, Mahogany, Cocoa, Espresso 
  • Blush: Melon, Freja
  • Bronzer in Mauna Loa
  • Contour Powder in Sombra 

Check out Alima Pure here:

They also have a great information on application tips on their website under the “LEARN” tab which may be helpful to those new to mineral makeup - like me! :)