August 3, 2015

Girl Moment

Hi everyone! Today is Monday, fresh new week ahead and lots of exciting things going on! First, I will be flying to Los Angeles in a couple of days for a family / business trip which I'm so looking forward to. Second, there will be a new video up soon which is always exciting for me as I love creating good content for you. And third.. well I'm healthy, happy and feeling really blessed for the bare necessities that I have, so that's a good enough reason to look forward to the week ahead :)

I've been experimenting more and more with makeup these last few weeks (after wearing very minimal makeup for over a year and a half)... and it feels GOOD! I missed it. Today I felt like something a bit bolder on my lips, so I applied this beautiful berry shade by Bare Minerals called "Live Large" and blended it in with my finger. Total girl moment haha but if you're a beauty lover you will understand :) I've gone through so many changes in the last year and a half, experimenting with a lot of things, seeing what works / what doesn't, what I want to focus on, my associations and feelings toward certain things etc.. and I feel like I'm really coming into my own and everything is starting to fit into the puzzle perfectly. This journey I found myself on is no joke haha :) Anyway I talk more about this topic in my upcoming video! So yes, getting back to my little makeup moment, although I'm more into natural nudey tones, I'm totally loving this bolder shade :) What do you guys think? What's your favorite lipstick shade to wear? Now I need to get my butt into packing mode! See you soon LA!! 

August 2, 2015

ASOS Vegan Shoes

Happy Sunday everyone!  In a few days I'll be going away on a trip (which I'm so looking forward to) and I needed a pair of black heels to wear for evenings out. Since adopting a vegan lifestyle, I haven't purchased anything in leather, so tracking down a cute pair of good quality classic heels was quite the mission... but I managed to find a really nice pair! :) I got these from ASOS by a brand called Head Over Heels. I think they are gorgeous! Super elegant and will go with pretty much any outfit. They have this "leather" and "non leather" search option and my mind was blown haha. So many cute shoes! I've included some other styles below that I think are really nice as well.

Also just got done filming a video where, amongst other things, I answer some of your questions about what I've done with my old leather items and non vegan makeup this past year. I think it will be up by Tuesday :)

Head Over Heels Callina Black Point Toe Two Part Heeled Shoes 
(You can find them here)

A few other styles I have my eye on...
1. New Look Freshen Black Double Strap Metallic Flat Sandals (here)
2. Harmony Heeled Sandals (here)
3. Elevator Lace Up Shoe Boots (here)
4. Jarvis Lace Up Espadrille Sandals (here)
5. Picture Pointed High Heels (here)
6. Jalapeno Espadrille Mules (here)

Which ones are your favorite? Let me know below! Today is a beautiful sunny day in Geneva so I am going to spend some time outside soaking up the sun, go for a walk, do some yoga and edit my new video! Hope you guys are having a nice day  

July 31, 2015

Fruit Infused Water

Hi everyone  A new video just went up on my channel (which you can watch here) and it's all about what I do if I'm feeling off track / stressed out. I think it's totally normal to sometimes just feel "off", but I think it's about recognizing it for what it is, and that it's only temporary! I love caring for myself because it makes me feel good, which inspires me to share the goodness with others. One of the things I mentioned in my video was the importance of staying hydrated! I get quite a lot of messages and comments asking for tips on how to drink more water throughout the day, and this is my answer - fruit infused water. It's SO GOOD and tastes really... luxurious? Haha well similar to the fancy water they serve in spas :) Plus I just can't help but admire how beautiful it is each time I take a sip!

Here is one I made earlier today. My favorite combination is definitely any kind of berries, mint and the juice of lime or lemon. I either make them on the spot and drink right away, or I sometimes leave it in the fridge for a couple of hours / overnight to let the fruit saturate longer. Either way, it tastes and smells really nice. You don't necessarily need a mason jar for this, although they are great, you can use any kind of water container or glass (but I would say if you're keeping it overnight in the fridge to cover the top).

So on the topic of water, why is it so important to stay hydrated? Our bodies are made up of about 60 to 70 percent water, so we've got to keep the supply fresh. Water is needed for so many functions in the body including the transport of nutrients, hormones and even wastes throughout the body. In fact, even being slightly dehydrated results in slower metabolism. When we are hydrated, it is also much easier for our bodies to control body temperature (through sweating and respiration) as well as keeping our joints lubricated and our digestion smooth. If this doesn't resonate with you (I won't judge haha) just think of the beauty benefits - healthier hair, clearer skin, stronger nails, leaner physic, better mood :) 

Have you made fruit infused waters like this before? If so what are your favorite fruits to use? Let me know in the comments below! 

July 28, 2015

Some Photos From Today ♥

Wow I feel like Instagram has totally swept me away from my blog these last few months! I love connecting with you guys on there and seeing your beautiful photos, but I love this space too so I will keep it going as well :) I hope you guys are doing amazing! I thought I'd share some photos with you from today, which was a pretty exciting day as I'm looking for a new apartment and found a pretty cute one! I also had to go into town to run some errands and quickly caught up with two friends over some veggie sushi, so yum! I also stopped in at H&M and quickly browsed the jewelry section for some gold bracelets and found two super pretty ones. It's been ages since I bought something like that, and I love it 

Love these shades from Urban Outfitters 

Top & Bag by Zara (purchased a few years ago), Necklace by J Crew, Bangle by H&M, Shoes by Converse 

Can't get enough of this veggie sushi! I always pick up a tray of this when I come into town.

Found these sweet gold bracelets today at H&M

On another note, I had to go through my blog yesterday to find a specific photo (as I was updating the "Fan Artwork" tab here on my blog, which by the way always puts a smile on my face - you guys are so talented) and came across all the posts I made when I first started blogging a few years ago! I feel like time has just flown by! I sometimes think back and miss my time in New York, but I felt like I really made the most of it which makes me happy. And right now I'm at another big turning point in my life which is exciting. I will share more about this a little later :) Anyway I hope that you enjoyed these little photos from my day and mini update :) Hope you guys are having a beautiful day! 

December 27, 2014

In The Mountains

Hi beautiful ♥ Hope you guys are doing great! Yesterday my friend and I drove up to a place in the mountains called Salève - it's about a 30 minute drive from the main city of Geneva. It was so breathtakingly beautiful! It felt like we were on top of the world haha the view was so epic :) Although it was gorgeous, it was FREEZING but it was so worth it! I brought some juicy persimmons with me which we shared whilst overlooking the view of Geneva (last picture). If you guys ever visit Geneva, this is definitely a place to see! And for those who might be wondering, my jacket is from Zara = purchased last year but they have similar in stores now. The hood is of course faux fur :) XOXO

It was kind of surreal being up there, felt like I was looking at a painting! 
Can you spot the fountain at the bottom? What an amazing view :)

December 25, 2014

A Few Favorites! (Essential Oils, Rice Cooker, Rich Roll..)

Hi everyone! Merry Christmas :) I hope everyone is spending a beautiful day with loved ones ♥ I have a new video up for you that I filmed a few days ago when I was in Spain! I share some of my current favorite things with you - it's a bit of a random compilation haha but nonetheless things I've been loving :) I am now in Geneva, Switzerland with my mom and her adorable triplets who are almost 8! They're amazing and growing so fast :) Hope you're all doing well! XOXO