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Hello my loves! I just uploaded a new Q&A video answering questions about my workout schedule to style essentials, finding inspiration for healthy food, life when I had to move back in with my family, tips for anxiety and more! You can watch the video here :) As there were so many great questions I decided to answer a few more here on my blog!

I have recently eating plant-based foods and exercising for my health, but how do you cope with cravings? Although my mind is keep telling me to eat clean, I still crave for those sugary unhealthy foods like cakes, ice cream, etc. By the way, you are my healthy role model.
So great to know that, thank you! I am all about a good balance, I like the 80/20 approach to eating healthy. So I mostly go for nutritious salads, veggie dishes, wild salmon and simple healthy foods, but I also like to have little desserts, sorbets and the occasional delicious pasta dish. I think a healthy body comes down to what you do for the majority of the time that really counts. I recently did a video called How to Develop a Healthy Relationship With Food, and I think the tips there apply a lot to cravings as well!

How often do you wash your hair? I used to wash my hair about once a week, but as I’ve been really consistent the last few months with everyday workouts / movement, my hair gets a lot “dirtier” quicker due to the sweat that builds up. So now I wash my hair approximately 2 (sometimes 3) times per week - but the longer I can go, the better! I sometimes get away with once a week if it’s a low-key kind of week. But if I’ve got events or travels, that usually increases the amount of washes. (This is the shampoo I am using at the moment, and my favorite conditioner!)

Hi Annie! Just curious about your thoughts on dating, specifically your beliefs on ‘the one’ and knowing if they’re ‘the one’.
Oh this is such a great but also somewhat tricky question! Well I wouldn’t say I believe that “love at first sight” always applies. I think infatuation at first sight is real, but I find that true love and finding “the one” goes a lot deeper than what we can see the first time we meet someone. Being physically attracted to someone is great (and important) however, what I find the most important is having common values and life goals as one another. Wanting to build a life together, growing together and moving in the same direction. These things can only be felt and known with time. Knowing that you can truly trust someone is so important and is fundamental to the feeling of them being “the one”.

My thoughts on dating is go for it! You’ll learn so much about other people, and also about yourself. If you’re young and feel like you’ve already found the one, then that’s great! But if you’re single right now and afraid to step out and meet people, my experience is that nothing truly great happens in your comfort zone. You have to step out, take leaps and trust yourself (and life). Yes you might have some bad strange dates but I think we all have hehe! If anything it will be a funny memory to look back on in a few years :) You might also make some new friends along the way.

According to your opinion, what kind of parental nurture (behavior) is right? :) What are the things that you'll teach for them in the future? :)
Firstly, as a lot of you may know, I cannot wait to have kids! :) I’m so excited for that time in my life and my dream for them is to be exactly who they want to be. I just hope to guide them, encourage them and be an open book on everything I can to help them navigate their first years of life. I am so happy to have grown up with parents who did allow me freedom and support in my life. My mom especially instilled this great sense of trust in me, which I respect so much. She allowed me freedom, but I knew that if I broke her trust, it would be taken away. So unlike a lot of people I knew when I was young, I did not have to sneak around or lie.

I want my kids to be able to come to me with anything, and feel they can share. I also plan on being open and honest with my kids about traditionally “taboo” topics like sex, the human body, work and everything else. Instilling structure and positive self discipline will also be priorities for me, as I know these are tools that are so essential in life, and bring you so much happiness. I also know that children are sponges, and absorb everything you say and do. So being a good role model for them by living my best self, doing what I love, keeping fit and healthy, being kind, working hard etc. is also a priority and will be translated to them too.

Hi Annie! Love from Toronto! 🤗 Since cold and flu season is approaching us.. what are you go to home remedies when you're feeling under the weather?
Lots of rest, vitamin C (I increase the amount of lemon juice I have during the day, and focus on eating more veggies - try this veggie soup it’s amazing), zinc supplements are phenomenal (see my favorite supplements here), lots of herbal teas, and trying to lower stress. I hate getting sick (as I’m sure all of us do) so when I feel something coming on, I switch gears and try to heal myself before it develops into a full on cold.

How's wedding planning going? When are you getting married?
We are not planning our wedding just yet, but when we do I will definitely share more about it with you guys!

What is the sweetest thing you have done for Mo and he for you 😊 I’ll never forget the first time I visited Mo in Munich (I was living in Geneva at the time), he knew how much I loved healthy food, wellness etc. so he went out and bought an array of beautiful fruit and vegetables and had his whole kitchen stocked with amazing food. He also bought a blender for me to make smoothies in! How sweet :) Not only that, but he knew how much I love fresh sheets and a cozy bed, so he got new great quality comfy pillows (the large ones you see on our bed) and tried to make the whole place feel like home for me. He also cleared out a huge part of his wardrobe for me with empty hangers (I checked his side and all his things were squeezed in so tight hehe). I’ll never forget that day. He has done many other sweet things, but that’s the one that comes to mind first. As for the sweetest thing I have done for him, I think you have to ask him that hehe :)

How do you stay so consistent with healthy living and taking care of yourself? I admire this about you so much!
Aw thank you so much! I stay consistent with it because it keeps me feeling at my best. And when I feel at my best, I can do my best. It’s a win-win! Of course I sometimes fall off the wagon and life gets in the way, but I pick myself up and keep going. It’s not always easy but I try to prioritize my health and wellness so that I can enjoy life to the fullest. Our health and happiness are everything ♥

How often do you go back to Sweden? Do you still speak Swedish sometimes? I would love to visit Sweden again soon as I haven’t been there in about 5/6 years. I was born in Gothenburg for those who may not know :) And I speak Swedish almost everyday with my mom :)

Thank you guys so much for all your great questions! I will do another again soon! Love you ♥


How I Cleanse My Skin

Fun fact, cleansing my skin at night is one of my FAVORITE parts of the day. I love doing my makeup, but I love taking it off too :) There's just something so therapeutic and enjoyable about the whole experience. I've found that properly cleansing and taking care of my skin has helped tremendously in keeping it clear, smooth and glowing. Cleansing is of course essential for removing makeup (and sunscreen), but it also helps to lift any pollution, dirt, accumulated oils, dead skin cells, and any other build up from the day that can irritate and inflame skin. This allows your skin to properly breath and regenerate, without having any pollutants clogging up your pores.

I am a huge fan of double cleansing at night, so I first take my makeup off with either a balm (the Drunk Elephant one is great) or a micellar water (I love Caudalie's one). I then go in with a cleanser and my LUNA 3 to really deep clean my skin. It is a sonic-pulsating cleansing and massaging device with super soft silicone bristles that help deeply cleanse your pores without being abrasive or causing irritation. The backside is the firming side of the device that is great for massaging the face and neck. It is so gentle and soft on the skin, but once I'm done using it, my skin feels so clean, smooth and as if it's been exfoliated with a traditional scrub (without the abrasiveness of course). Due to the bristles being made of 100% silicone, the tool remains totally anti bacterial and hygienic, (which also means you don't have to replace or change any brush heads every few months). The 8,000 T-sonic pulsations of this tool are also so relaxing and feels like a little facial massage every time I use it. Two for one! Love it 

My go to cleansers at the moment with my LUNA 3

My two favorite cleansers at the moment are definitely the Kate Somerville EradiKate cleanser, which is amazing for acne-prone skin. It contains sulfur which is such a great ingredient for targeting acne causing bacteria without over drying or stripping the skin, and the consistency of the cleanser is very creamy and rich. This is the cleanser I use with my LUNA 3 at night, usually whilst having my evening shower (it's 100% waterproof) - would highly recommend this combo! Another great cleanser is the REN Gentle Cleansing Gel, this is my go to for the mornings as it's very soft and calming, as I don't need a very deep cleanse first thing when I wake up. Using a gentle cleanser like this along with the LUNA 3 after a morning workout is also really beneficial for helping to cleanse your skin of any sweat. Leaving sweat on skin for too long can cause breakouts and bacteria build up so cleansing post-workout is essential!

I've tried a few variations of this Swedish-born FOREO tool over the last few years, but my favorite is definitely the LUNA 3! This is a ‘two-in-one’ device: an enhanced T-Sonic facial cleansing brush AND a firming massager. The size is perfect, and I love the new features of it. You connect it with your phone via the Foreo App, and choose from 4 different massage treatments to tackle fine lines and wrinkles on the face, chin and neck. The treatments are done using the reverse side of the tool, and each last 2 mins (except the contour which is 4 mins). The treatments are accompanied with a guided how-to video that you follow along with, so it's really easy and simple to use. I like to use the firming massage function a couple of times per week. To prep my skin, I apply a few drops of facial oil (love the Rosehip Seed Oil by The Ordinary), and/or a moisturizer (The Drunk Elephant Protini is my fav!), so the tool has something soft to glide over (to avoid any tugging of the skin). I select the program I want, and let the tool work on firming and contouring my face :) The app not only helps you time your personalized cleansing and massage routines, it also has the "Find My LUNA" feature, so you can locate your LUNA 3 in case your misplaced it!

Click here to learn more about this awesome little device!

What is your favorite part of your skincare routine? Do you also enjoy cleansing and facial massage? I would also love to know if you have any favorite facial tools you'd recommend I try? Let me know below! XOXO


30 Truths At 30

A few days ago, on the 20th of July, I turned 30 years old! I've officially entered into the next decade and big chapter of my life, and I couldn't be more excited about what's to come. Your 20's are fun and all, but I feel like your 30's is when you really start to experience the fruit of your labor and hardwork, and moreso, I can't wait to have a family and experience motherhood. Still a couple of years until that will happen, but knowing that it's just around the corner is so exciting for me.

I also wanted to say a huge thank you for all the kind birthday wishes on my Instagram. You guys are amazing and I am so so grateful to have you all in my life ♥ To celebrate my 30th birthday, I thought it would be fun to sit down and share 30 things I've learned so far, lessons, experiences and things I feel to be true for my life. You can watch the video below, and I've also summarized the points here in this post in case you prefer to read (or get a recap at the end of the video). Hope you enjoy!


Here's a quick summarized version of what we discussed in the video:

1. It’s ok to be different. Embrace your uniqueness, and in fact if you feel “different” and/or like you don't fit in, that's actually a good thing because you know your on your right path and living your authentic self. 

2. Life is short, but life is also long, so never ever settle for anything - a job, a relationship, a living situation, even a state of mind.. you deserve the BEST.

3. The true key to a healthy, happy, toned body is a good diet, regular exercise (both cardio and strength training) and lifestyle. There is no shortcut / no quick fix. People might want to sell you supplements, detoxes, strange diets, and yes sometimes they will make you lose weight, but easy come, easy go. Think of your diet and fitness routines as a healthy lifestyle that you can sustain long term.

4. If you don't know what you want to do in life, ask yourself, how can I help others? What can I do, with my unique abilities to help someone else or to enrich their lives? Through art? Fitness? A certain product? How can you better the lives of others? Find that and do that!

5. Forgiveness is important, and true 'deep-down-in-your-heart-and-soul' forgiveness. Not for the other person, but for yourself. When you truly forgive someone, you let yourself off the hook.

6. How you spend your time matters, what you listen to matters, what you read matters, what you watch matters, who you spend your time with matters. If you want a healthy productive mind and future, you have to surround yourself with positivity, love and greatness.

7. Be financially independent. This is especially true to all young women reading, earn your own money, have savings, and do not rely on anyone else for your own needs.

8. Self care is not a luxury, it is so important to fill up your own cup, so you can give to others. You cannot give to others what you do not already have yourself.

9. Vegetables and greens are GOOOD! Through all the diets that exist, however different they are, the one thing they all agree on is the power of wholefood veggies and greens.

10. Repetition is so powerful. If you ever want to learn something new, develop a new habit, succeed at anything in life, just keep repeating it over and over. Your talent will sharpen and though repetition, your brain forms neuropathways that strengthen each time - "Neurons that fire together, wire together".

11. ACTION IS KING! You can motivate yourself all you want, but you have to take massive action. Don’t worry about perfectionism, adjust, be flexible, but take action. And when you move into action, when you have that momentum, the world starts to move with you, and cooperate with you.

12. There is power in vulnerability, open up, explore yourself, cry if you need to. Let emotions come and go.

13. Every day is a chance to start over, to be better, to do better.

14. The key to glowing clear skin, is good lifestyle and a great skincare routine = they go hand in hand.

15. Anything you can imagine in your mind, you can create in reality. A job, a relationship, an experience, a person = use your imagination, it's one of the most powerful tools you've got. See yourself there and bring it to you.

16. In moments of stress or anxiety, find your breath. Let it anchor you, follow it as you feel yourself returning to a more balanced state.

17. People will come and go in your life, but the person who will always always be there till the day you die, is you = nurture this relationship. It’s one of the most special ones you will ever have, know yourself, care for yourself, be there for yourself.

18. By connecting, and knowing ourselves better, we can connect better with others. Knowing ourselves allows us to develop empathy and compassion for others.

19. Travel to a LOT, and be open minded, learn from different cultures, traditions, people. Experience and see things, it will deepen your soul and enrich your life.

20. Everyone you meet is fighting their own battles, or going through their own stressful moments that we know nothing about. Be kind and show love always.

21. Drinking lots of water is so good, and so important for your body! We are made up of around 75% water, every cell, system and organ requires H20, so make sure you're keeping the supply fresh :)

22. Stillness and silence can bring a lot to your life. Tune in and listen for the messages.

23. It’s ok that things don’t always work out like you planned or hoped for. Trust there’s something even better waiting for you. Have unwavering faith that everything will work out. Like the kind of faith that nobody can shake. Believe so hard in yourself, and always keep that peacefulness in your soul knowing that everything is always working out for your best self.

24. Life is not always love and bliss, there are times it can feel like a truck drove through your chest, and it hurts...but it’s ok. Everyone struggles from time to time, and this too shall pass.

25. Have a plan, a vision or a roadmap of what you want your life to be, and write it down. Don’t always worry about the HOW but just know WHERE you want to go and be.

26. Talent or smarts is not what sets people apart, it’s their drive, their energy, their willingness to get back up after a failure or a setback = that’s it! Those who keep pursuing, keep consistent and keep reaching for their dreams are the ones who get it.

27. Appearances matter, so invest in yourself and take care of yourself. That doesn’t mean spending a ton of money, but dress and make yourself look a way that makes you feel good, because when you feel good, you do good.

28. Family is important, really important. Invest in those relationships and keep those who you love close, and show them how much you love and appreciate them.

29. Do something you LOVE and choose a career that makes you happy! Whatever that is, don’t do anything for the money, because ironically, the money will come when you find that special thing you would do for free :)

30. Always strive to be the BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF. It's ok to get inspiration from other people, but don't go down the rabbit of comparing yourself to others. Have an ideal in your mind, and follow her. We might not always get it right or perfect, but it's good to have a north star to reach towards.

Which of these truths resonate most with you? I'd love to know in the comments or over on my Instagram! 


What I'm Looking Forward To This Summer

Summer is right around the corner and I could not be more excited about it! I am so ready for the warm bright days ahead and to celebrate I want to share a few of the things I am looking forward to this new season. Hope you enjoy and I'd love to hear what you're looking forward to this summer!


Warm weather and me go very much hand in hand :) I love wearing lightweight summer dresses and sandals pretty much all season! So comfy, easy and CUTE. I will share some fashion videos and hauls with you soon featuring some really pretty pieces.

Can you believe it? So surreal to think I'll be 30 years old next month! I'm so grateful for everything life has blessed me with till this point and I am SO looking forward to this next chapter of my life. I honestly feel the BEST I have ever felt and I truly believe our body, life, career and everything in between is what WE MAKE it. So cool to think I spent almost all of my 20's sharing my life with you guys and having you be part of it means so much to me.

Something I love about living in Europe is how easy and convenient it is to travel to different countries in the summer. Summer in pretty much all of Europe is so beautiful! We have a couple of trips planned, one however will actually be to New York. I always love going back to the city I spent most of my early 20's in. It gives me all the feels, remembering all the experiences I had there and how much I grew as a person. Will always be so grateful for that time in my life! (p.s. It's also where I started my YouTube channel, back in 2011, so it has an extra special place in my heart for that as well.)

I am currently working on redoing my entire blog and website! I am so excited for it to get a refresh and showcase some really cool new features on it. It will be a bit of an adjustment in terms of the back-end set up as I am switching the platform as well (currently on Blogger and I'll be switching over to Wordpress). But as with any new tech software or platform I've upgraded to, it just takes time and patience to learn it. It will be so worth it though and I can't wait for you guys to experience the new site! 

I love how I feel when I take care of myself, both body and mind. It gives me this internal self-confidence as I just FEEL better in my body, and it also gives me more energy and clarity during the day. The last couple of months however have been SO busy and I feel like I keep slipping off track. One of my goals this summer is to find my balance again and, yes work my butt off, but also get my butt to relax at the end of the day. Now that the weather is warm and nice, a simple walk outside at the end of the day is something I will schedule in to unwind and get some fresh air. 

This is honestly one of the best things about summer! Gimme all the fruit please :) I love fresh local berries, peaches, watermelon and oddly I've been so into pears lately too. They're just so juicy and sweet now (and actually quite low in the GI scale). My favorite time to eat fruit is for my first meal of the day (on an empty stomach) and as a snack between meals if I'm feeling peckish. I also love some fruit after dinner if I'm in the mood for something sweet. What's your favorite fruit at the moment? Let me know below.

Ok I might be torn with the fruit here, I think this is actually my favorite part about summer hehe :) Waking up early has changed my life in so many ways and it's so much easier (and fun) to do it when there's actually light outside already. I just love having that time for myself, having my water, prioritizing what I need to do for the day, getting in a great workout and setting good intentions for the day. It makes the world of difference and I would highly recommend setting a morning practice or ritual if you haven't already.

I suffer from low vitamin D in the colder months and it's something I usually supplement - but there's nothing like the REAL deal :) I love the sun, I love feeling it on my skin and it just makes me happy. I of course protect my skin with a good SPF, but about 10 to 15 mins of direct sun (in the early or late day) is recommended by doctors to absorb the daily amount of vit D required by our bodies. Fun fact, vitamin D is actually required by our bodies in order to absorb calcium and have strong healthy bones. It also helps to regulate our immune system and plays a major role in the life cycles of our cells!

Do you guys remember my beautiful beige bike from last summer? Mo and I both got bikes last year and we recently took them out of our cellar, got them washed up and went for a long bike ride through the park. It felt SO NICE. Such a great way to move around in the summer, especially if you live in a city, plus you get a workout in at the same time!

As some of you may know, I do not live in the same country as my family. Although I do see them throughout the year, summer is a time we always plan something fun and get together either for a little family trip somewhere or I go home to see them. I love my family so much and they've been the biggest support system for me, forever grateful for the close relationship we have. I recently went home for my moms birthday and this weekend we are flying to Barcelona to visit my dad for the weekend - cannot wait! :)

What are you looking forward to this summer? Let me know below! 

What I'm Wearing
Top & sandals from Zara
Jeans from Agolde
Necklace from Missoma
Earrings from & Other Stories
Bag from Chanel